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danna long
danna long
17:10 02 Aug 22
fred castro
Fred Castro
01:27 02 Aug 22
Kelly & Associates are Professional, helpful, and Kind when you need it the most.
gaida alzobier
Gaida alzobier
05:05 30 Jul 22
I was rear ended badly in an accident that virtually stopped everything going on in my life. I missed my sisters wedding, lost my job and spiraled into a dark and depressing phase in my life and there was not much I could do beside wait out the trauma and recovery process. I knew I had to be compensated for my injuries and that was when I called Benjamin Kelly and associates. My Attourney Hugh Dunn was truly the best part of the whole ordeal, he allowed me to put all of the politics of the situation aside. It was complicated because although the other party accepted fault they were seeking ways to minimize damage and give me minimal compensation as a result. My Attourney before Attourney Dunn seemed compliant with the other insurance agency’s settlement and I didn’t feel that they were fighting for me like I wanted. When I explained this to Hugh Dunn, he took charge and TURNED DOWN their offer! I thought I would have to be more involved at this point but aside from turning in my medical record, Hugh Dunn worked alone, without constantly calling me, and without asking me to constantly provide documents like my previous attourney. He did it all. I was shocked because the settlement was so high compared to others in the same predicament; In the end I was so relieved that I was not taken advantage of. He’s so nice and when financially the damage from the car accident became too much of a burden, without complaining Attourney Dunn EXPEDITED the process and I received my pay out and closed the suit in two weeks and after I agreed to the amount I had my check in my hands in days. Please choose him, he is dedicated and refuses to be shorted. It was clear he wanted to make his client happy and he did!I also appreciate that after I received my pay out he did not forget about me and showed me his responses to the other insurance agency. I read that when they were shrugging us off he reached out to the other driver instead letting them know they can personally be sued causing them to call the insurance agency to settle the case. He did not have to do that but he stops at nothing to give his clients the peace of mind they deserve. Thank you Attourney Dunn!
15:02 27 Jul 22
Amazing team ! attorneys are outstanding, knowledgeable and very professional. They kept in touch with my husband and myself every step of the way, I am grateful for all the hard work they put into this our case ! I would definitely recommend Kelly & Associates to my family and friends!
nicholas townsend
Nicholas Townsend
15:51 08 Jun 22
They were kind, understanding, attentive and efficient.
00:30 05 May 22
Excellent experience with an Attorney.
matt matthew
Matt Matthew
19:58 28 Apr 22
kelly and Associates provided exceptional service. im super happy work with them. they are friendly and professional. they know what they are doing. i work with Laura and Steven they work very hard for my settlement. highly recommended
dab flair
Dab Flair
15:49 21 Apr 22
karan jaggi
Karan Jaggi
01:15 14 Apr 22
Ben Wadsworth is absolutely exceptional. I reached out to them after I got hit by a car while riding my bike. We determined I wasn't able to get enough compensation to go to court, as I didn't go to the hospital for my medical injuries. BUT, Ben graciously offered to help me recover from the damages I suffered out of pure kindness. He used the offenders information to contact their insurance and help me recover compensation for the bike damage. We are awaiting their response as of now but regardless of what happens, I highly recommend this firm. These guys really care.
nicole florio
Nicole Florio
15:43 06 Apr 22
I had a car accident back in December 2018. Kelly and Associates, especially Attorney Semenza stood by me with care and compassion understanding what I wanted as a result. Attorney Semenza worked tirelessly to get me the results I wanted. He is a wonderful lawyer and Kelly and Associates is a wonderful lawyer firm
k p
21:45 31 Mar 22
I got the pleasure of working with Katie from Kelly & Associates and she was AMAZING! I had so many questions and concerns because I’ve never been through this process before and Katie always answered them confidently. If there was an issue, she went straight to the source and got it taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend Kelly & Associates! Thank you so much!!
10:24 31 Mar 22
I have nothing but great things to say abut this firm. Ben Wadsworth was extremely professional and maximized my settlement beyond belief. He was always responsive and thorough. Never had a better experience with a lawyer or firm. It would be impossible to match the professionalism and experience that they exhibit.
amit luthra
amit luthra
19:32 29 Mar 22
Kelly and kelly are very genuine and great Injure lawyers. I work with Ben and Sabastian. They are very patient people; they answer my questions and answer every phone call. I am so happy with their work; they help me pay my bills and more benefits. So I recommend it to my three friends, who are also pleased with their services.
sue sweet
Sue Sweet
14:57 21 Mar 22
Kelly & Associates is the best representation you could ask for. They are everything you can imagine and even more in a law firm to represent you. Extremely professional, courteous, fast acting, makes you feel like you’re their only client and their most important client, spot on with everything, fast results without missing any details. Katie and Jackie went above and beyond all of my expectations! So if you are looking for someone to represent you stop here and don’t look any further you have found the best! Thank you!!! Sue
chantal caine
Chantal Caine
19:59 20 Mar 22
ross downing
Ross Downing
17:45 18 Mar 22
The attention to detail and to litigate with exceptional service sets Mike apart from all the rest!
janaya spence
janaya Spence
14:43 16 Mar 22
The moment Kelly & Associates took on my case I was very much satisfied from start to finish! The team is very professional, fast-acting & efficient. I’ll highly recommend them to family & friends. 5 stars it is!
william chambers
William Chambers
19:13 11 Mar 22
Very professional and easy firm to work with.
chris nicholas
Chris Nicholas
19:29 08 Mar 22
I was referred to Kelly & Associates last year after I was bitten by a dog on the job. Not only were they quick to respond, but they were very friendly, and professional. They took care of setting up medical appointments, kept me informed on my case, and updated me to let me know if there was anything I needed to take care of on my end. A soon as my case was settled they let me know and sent my settlement soon afterward!I was involved in a car accident recently, and you can be sure that I'll be using Kelly & Associates! I highly recommend them.
alaa salih
Alaa Salih
18:27 01 Mar 22
I had a great experience with them and was surprised when I saw the amount that I got after their negotiating with the health insurance to reduce my medical bills for maximum profit.
shannon powell
Shannon Powell
22:05 28 Feb 22
Everyone there is super friendly & helpful!
vin lopriore
Vin LoPriore
23:07 27 Feb 22
jerome moton
Jerome Moton
21:03 20 Feb 22
rafe sanger
Rafe Sanger
02:42 06 Feb 22
Wow, the law guys are the best. What helpful fellows.Cannot recommend enough
kristin obrien
Kristin OBrien
22:55 02 Feb 22
Kelly and Associates far exceeded my expectations regarding my personal injury case. This is a fantastic law firm with knowledgeable and diligent staff throughout.John Bita is the attorney who represented me after being involved in an automobile accident. He and his paralegal Sebastien Gustave were very professional and were always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. Attorney Bita was timely, efficient, and was always responsive. There was not a time when I felt out of the loop or didn't know where things stood with my case. Attorney Bita was always clear regarding his strategies and made sure I fully understood what he was doing and why. Relaying certain legalities to me in layman's terms helped me to understand things better. My case was definitely not cut and dry and had obstacles to overcome, but John put his best efforts forward, which ensured I recieved the highest settlement possible. At one point, when it seemed clear that a settlement was reached he took additional steps, which increased the final settlement. I would recommend Attorney John Bita and Kelly and Associates to anyone!
ian dempsey
Ian Dempsey
00:16 01 Feb 22
The firm was helpful when I asked about my case as I highly recommend.
lord senpai
Lord Senpai
23:34 31 Jan 22
gabriel coyne
Gabriel Coyne
22:46 31 Jan 22
spoke with a member from Kelly and associates and they were extremely helpful with going over my potential case
joy jolie
Joy Jolie
20:56 31 Jan 22
Kelly & Associates have exceptional people skills. Not only are they friendly, and reliable but very professional and hard working. They care about their clients and the community. I highly recommend them.
dylan mcdonald
Dylan McDonald
19:34 31 Jan 22
Kelly and Associates was extremely helpful to me since day one of working with them. They are incredibly professional and know exactly what they are doing. I was involved in a car crash in 2019, and without them, I would’ve been in a much worse spot. Thanks Kelly and Associates!
nicholas johnson
Nicholas Johnson
15:10 20 Jan 22
Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers has provided exceptional service for the time they represented me. The words responsive, friendly, and professional are the words that come to mind. They are consistent in communicating the steps in your case and push for outcomes that are best for their clients. I highly recommend
19:38 15 Jan 22
A 5 star review does not do represent Kelly & Associates exceptional service justice. To further explain, I was involved in a car accident in July 2018 where a woman hit me "head on", and I ended up sustaining injuries to the neck and upper spine. After a year of medical treatment (injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, medications) the insurance company offered a settlement of ~26,000 due to the fact I was a victim in a prior accident where I sustained lower back injuries. Following two additional years of similar treatment, Kelly & Associates obtained a settlement offer of $80,0000.00 from the insurance company and subsidized the attorney fee to ensure I felt comfortably compensated. Ben Wadsworth, Attorney Semenza, and Attorney Kelly, THANK YOU for all your diligent efforts and advocacy while representing me -- I would recommend your service 10 times out of 10.
bryan roberts
Bryan Roberts
22:12 14 Dec 21
Exceptional staff and very professional! When I needed assistance, they were right there. I definitely recommend this firm to anyone!
zach rossi
Zach Rossi
19:15 14 Dec 21
I called Kelly & Associates and they were very generous, kind, and helpful over the phone. They gave very detailed and clear instructions on what to do when I was injured and how they would be able to help me. I would highly recommend them to friends, family, and anyone in general.
ruby espino
Ruby Espino
18:20 14 Dec 21
Thanks for the service, great company!!
jerry lewis jr
Jerry Lewis Jr
17:33 14 Dec 21
The staff were amazing and very professional. They responded quick and were super helpful while going through the whole process. Would highly recommend!
mathew knueppel
Mathew Knueppel
17:25 14 Dec 21
Great staff! Very professional, knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and willing to go the extra mile.I would highly recommend them to anyone.
kerrie larson
Kerrie Larson
17:15 14 Dec 21
I had an amazing experience, everyone I spoke to here was responsive and assistive. They helped me through the process following my injury. I would definitely recommend
ashley spillane
ashley spillane
17:07 14 Dec 21
Just an overall great place thank you for the amazing service!
ronnie james
Ronnie James
16:57 14 Dec 21
Always have a great experience when working with Kelly & Associates! After being injured I immediately reached out to them and got a response very quickly. The level of professionalism and eagerness to make sure clients are taken care of is unmatched. Definitely recommend!
katie simon
Katie Simon
16:47 14 Dec 21
18:20 09 Nov 21
Excellent team! Sebastien really helped me with my case and was very great with communicating and keeping me up to date with everything. Would highly recommend 😊
tom h
Tom H
21:47 06 Nov 21
kathryn quirk
Kathryn Quirk
23:44 04 Nov 21
Great company to work with.
denise correia
Denise Correia
00:15 04 Nov 21
craig burgess
Craig Burgess
15:06 03 Nov 21
Great team to work with here! Very knowledgeable and know how to get the job done!
callan rendall
Callan Rendall
20:15 02 Nov 21
I got injured, ouch! Kelly & Associates handled my case very well, was a pleasure having them. They made my whole ordeal “painless”
steve stevenson
Steve Stevenson
19:14 02 Nov 21
got hurt and called this firm, very easy to work with recommend them to anyone
erik capowski
Erik Capowski
23:33 29 Oct 21
Excellent service. I would recommend for any personal injury cases.
xavier cadet
Xavier Cadet
03:47 28 Oct 21
This is a very professional team and knowledgeable I would highly recommend working with them. Great business with good value!!!
zanda m.
Zanda M.
15:19 22 Oct 21
An amazing team that is supportive and professional! Would highly recommend for anyone that needs legal advice. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
eniraide medina
Eniraide Medina
04:43 22 Oct 21
The team is professional and easy to work with. They’re very knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. They truly go above and beyond for their clients. I will definitely suggest this firm to family and friends!
amanda wiles
Amanda Wiles
01:24 19 Oct 21
The team was punctual, persistent, and always prepared! Couldn’t ask for anyone better. Highly recommend!
michael wiles
Michael Wiles
01:04 19 Oct 21
Compassion, Comfort and Integrity….the intangibles needed to navigate through personal trauma.
gabriel robin
Gabriel Robin
15:01 12 Oct 21
14:47 12 Oct 21
Love this firm! Worked with Julie on a case and she was absolutely amazing! Very professional and handled everything perfectly.
brandon senecal
Brandon Senecal
14:37 12 Oct 21
Absolutely amazing to work with! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Will recommend to all family and friends in the future!
jessica armillay
Jessica Armillay
23:35 11 Oct 21
Great firm! The process was easy !
samantha eiden
Samantha Eiden
23:24 11 Oct 21
Great firm! Highly recommend!
kimberly troiani
Kimberly Troiani
23:04 11 Oct 21
Truly an amazing firm!
anne graefe
Anne Graefe
22:46 11 Oct 21
They are such a helpful law firm, I wouldn’t go to anyone else!
nicole dunbar
Nicole Dunbar
22:27 11 Oct 21
Great firm. Attorney Stephen Semenza and Benjamin Wadsworth are very professional and trustworthy with personal injury needs. The firm is very easy to worth with and they show a deep care for their clients.
ryan sterling
Ryan Sterling
00:10 01 Oct 21
I am an attorney who practices in another area of law in the Boston area. I referred these attorneys and the firm to a family friend for a personal injury case. They went above and beyond the course of duty as their attorney. My family friend is incredibly happy not only with the results of the case, but more importantly with the attentiveness, personal connection and hard work given by these attorneys and all the staff. I would definitely refer anyone to this firm in the future.
jillian niles
jillian niles
11:35 29 Sep 21
nataly de la cruz
nataly De la cruz
17:57 23 Sep 21
I was injured last year, came a crossed Kelly's associates gave them a call and told them about my accident. Right away they went to work, I got assigned with a really nice, responsive paralegal and lawyer. They always kept me up to date on the status of my case and handle it really well, No complaints. I would definitely recommend!
lauren lammi
Lauren Lammi
01:59 15 Sep 21
I was in a MV accident at the end of 2016. I got in contact with Kelly & Associates. They were awesome from the start. They explained the whole process and how it would work. I was offered a junk settlement by the insurance company. Kelly and Associates refused and fought my case to trial. I had attorney Stephen with me today presenting my case to the jury. His opening and closing statements were on point and the jury came back with a verdict in my favor. I can’t thank them enough for all their long hard work!!
robert polzin
Robert Polzin
02:19 03 Sep 21
Awesome and professional to a T! Quick prompts, courteousness and feeling of value! Definitely would recommend this law firm no matter how big or small your legal service needed!
terrell smith
Terrell Smith
17:43 02 Sep 21
Extremely professional spot on law firm I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a team of great lawyers that go the extra mile to get things done
kerry barros
Kerry Barros
17:03 02 Sep 21
Exceptional service! Helped through a challenging time. Kelly was able to help me file my claim. Very professional.
amy flower
Amy Flower
15:18 01 Sep 21
This firm really care about their clients and is dedicated in fighting for the best possible settlement for my accident. I can’t recommend them enough. The communication was great, I never had any problems.
18:16 20 Aug 21
The Kelly & Associates team goes above and beyond for their clients - definitely recommend!
frantz louizia
Frantz Louizia
03:53 19 Aug 21
megan breviglia
Megan Breviglia
16:12 10 Aug 21
Couldn’t recommend this team more! They go above and beyond in all aspects.
samantha waterhouse
Samantha Waterhouse
15:30 10 Aug 21
Very welcoming and kind staff. Extremely helpful, professional, went above and beyond to help me. Would give more than 5 stars if I could! Will definitely be coming back if I need them.
amanda cardoso
Amanda Cardoso
15:27 10 Aug 21
I have nothing but good things to say about this law firm , I 100% recommend you won’t be disappointed
macy anon
Macy Anon
15:21 10 Aug 21
david r
David R
23:04 04 Aug 21
Mike and his team were phenomenal. Very attentive, answered each and every question (and there were a lot!), and achieved a fantastic result. Thanks Law Guys!
shane callaghan
Shane Callaghan
21:24 04 Aug 21
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this law firm! Respectful, responsive and timely! If you're in the Boston area and are in need of representation for injury claims look no further!
edwidge abilhomme
edwidge abilhomme
20:22 04 Aug 21
yely r
Yely R
16:44 04 Aug 21
They are very professional and respectful, always responsive and they always get back to me if they are out of the office. I never not once had any kind of issue and they work pretty fast! I would recommend 1000x and I will gladly not hesitate to use their services in the future if I need to ! Give them a call, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
james quilty
James Quilty
20:26 26 Jul 21
Great experience! Never needed an attorney before but the process was smooth and easy with a great result. Thanks Mike!
alexandr suvorov
Alexandr Suvorov
19:19 26 Jul 21
That was our first and hopefully last time dealing with such cases. We expected the process to be complex and expensive. Kelly & Associates made the experience easy and smooth. Few phone call, few emails, that's all. We were satisfied with settlement, although it wasn't a giant check for billboard ad, but enough to cover med expenses and get something on the top.I would certainly recommend the firm.
sean white
Sean White
15:27 23 Jul 21
Absolutely phenomenal experience working with Kelly & Associates! They went above & beyond and walked me through the entire process.Laura & Stephen had my back the whole way!
hisen teker
Hisen Teker
19:58 15 Jul 21
Kelly& Associates is the correct Law firm for whoever looking to get extraordinary legal representation and service. With having the work philosophy of client service essentiality and professionalism throughout the entire firm includes attorneys and case managers I believe this law firm can represent their clients exceptionally. It was quite significant and very special experience to work with this firm and I will recommend to all my family and friends to have this firm on their side so they can get the justice they deserve quickly and appropriately.
16:32 14 Jul 21
I had never had an accident before and I was scared about the legalities of filing an injury report. Kelly and Associates was there for me every step of the way! I not only received undivided attention but felt supported by a community rather than a company. Thanks to Kelly and Associates I know there are people out there willing to fight for me and what I deserve.
16:17 14 Jul 21
Extremely capable lawyers, was very pleased with my experience. Would recommend.
marisa bardhi
Marisa Bardhi
17:12 03 Jul 21
I was an intern at Kelly & Associates and loved every second I was there. The staff is extremely professional, friendly and accommodating.
nicole knight
Nicole Knight
17:25 25 Jun 21
There are firms that just say they care about their clients and then firms that actually walk the walk. Kelly & Associates is one of those firms. Caring, dedicated and committed to their clients, they are the personal injury law firm that you want to have in your corner if you are in an accident!
valerie hall
Valerie Hall
16:51 25 Jun 21
Very competent attorneys and staff!
adrian sara
adrian sara
00:06 09 May 21
Very great help in getting what I deserved for my accident. Thank you
srinidhi baile
Srinidhi Baile
18:16 30 Apr 21
I had a great experience working with this firm and I would 100% work with them in the future. Everyone I interacted with was very kind and attentive, and they made my experience that much better.
gisele menard
Gisele Menard
20:30 06 Apr 21
Thank you for you prompt and expert advice in my accident settlement. Always a phone call away to answer questions and get an honest answer. Was a great experience. Would highly recommend them.
jess v
Jess V
04:07 12 Mar 21
Great firm! Sebastian and Stephen were a breeze to work with! Great communication, professional, attentive. They care a whole lot and were really supportive and understanding. They always asked how I was doing, which is really nice and thoughtful.
john szesnat
John Szesnat
19:27 07 Mar 21
So far so good. They are super nice. Waiting on the settlement. Learned a lot about the process. They handle everything. Will update once I receive .ore info.Okay all said and done. I rate them six stars if I could. I don't give out five stars easily. You can look at my reviews. But I have to tell you how great they really are. They walked me through the whole process kept me informed the whole time. I received more money than expected and they paid off all my medical bills how great is that.. and ask for much more. Except maybe ice cream. Steven is the man.If you pass up on Kelly and Associates you will surely be sorry thanks guys and gals you are great.
yolanda arroyo
Yolanda Arroyo
11:26 05 Mar 21
kirsten murray
Kirsten Murray
14:21 04 Mar 21
Kelly Associates have been great! They are very professional, caring and really go above and beyond when working with you. Initially I had some concerns with my case, but my paralegal, Laura and my lawyer were very empathetic, kind and understanding. They worked with me until I was completely satisfied. I got more money than I ever would have thought with my settlement. Awesome firm! I highly recommend them to anyone with a personal injury lawsuit!
denise banks
Denise Banks
21:43 01 Mar 21
Everything was alright until my settlement check was mailed to their office, now my attorney Stephen is conveniently MIA. He stated everything was good they just have to take their percentage and pay the remaining medical fees and the I will be able to pick up my portion, however this was 3 weeks ago and I am unable to get a hold of him now. I would say their communication skills are a bit off at this point.UPDATE- Stephen contacted me personally to explain the current hold up , I appreciate the open communication.
ryan mclean
Ryan McLean
22:07 27 Feb 21
Easy to work with, personable and dedicated. These guys were by my side from start to finish!
jo walia
Jo Walia
17:12 25 Feb 21
If I could give them 6 stars I would! Amazing team, very responsive.
19:27 24 Feb 21
Sydney is extremely intelligent and professional. She is definitely an asset to the firm!
carl zimmon
Carl Zimmon
19:12 24 Feb 21
Very professional group. I felt cared for.
arielys estrada
Arielys Estrada
17:50 02 Feb 21
So like basically I recommend to all my friends they are super nice people and they are informative the entire process and they make this process easy which a lot of the time it’s difficult to process the sudden change an injury create they are there the entire way and make me feel important the entire process.
buddah penn
Buddah Penn
15:28 28 Jan 21
jeffrey booker
Jeffrey Booker
19:06 20 Jan 21
Always there to answer any questions. The team is down to earth and very knowledgeable. Good reliable service they'll have any business of mine that should arise.
caleshia mobley
Caleshia Mobley
15:16 15 Jan 21
valarie slusser
Valarie Slusser
19:12 14 Jan 21
While we didn’t actually need to use the service, we were impressed with our initial interaction with staff. We would feel very comfortable working with Kelly and Associates should our needs change.
julia singh
Julia Singh
15:50 12 Jan 21
Had a great experience with Kelly & Associates. Kelly was great with answering questions and guiding me through the process. Very professional and reliable, definitely recommend for anyone looking for an injury attorney in the Boston area!
adam frye
Adam Frye
18:40 11 Jan 21
Mike and his team were a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend!
c hill-stokes
C Hill-Stokes
00:00 17 Nov 20
lenell weaks
Lenell Weaks
19:09 06 Oct 20
lianne tan
Lianne Tan
15:37 04 Sep 20
meagan mcdonough
Meagan Mcdonough
20:12 02 Sep 20
Best attorneys for any slip & fall accident!
faith kelley
Faith Kelley
17:20 01 Sep 20
Made a difficult situation manageable and resulted in the best outcome imaginable! Great group of employees. Knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful!
erin albrecht
erin albrecht
16:04 31 Aug 20
Very dependable person injury firm in Boston!
bianca p
Bianca P
14:35 31 Aug 20
Best Boston car accident lawyers!
hannah frey
Hannah Frey
19:16 28 Aug 20
Kelly & Associates has an awesome team! I wouldn’t hesitate to call them.
cara olson
cara olson
18:11 28 Aug 20
very trustworthy group of car accident lawyers
aislinn carrier
Aislinn Carrier
15:51 27 Aug 20
Very professional and attentive people. You will be in great hands with this team.
mary esposito
Mary Esposito
14:28 27 Aug 20
Everyone at Kelly & Associates are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about personal injury claims
nora pance
Nora Pance
13:55 27 Aug 20
Wonderful firm! The staff is professional and welcoming. I would recommend them to anyone.
mackenzie bowring
Mackenzie Bowring
19:25 26 Aug 20
Trust worthy Boston car accident attorneys!
carly downer
Carly Downer
18:35 26 Aug 20
A very helpful group of Attorneys. I would trust them with any injury claim.
adam dolan
Adam Dolan
18:18 26 Aug 20
Best accident attorneys in the area!
ashley elizabeth
Ashley Elizabeth
14:10 21 Aug 20
Definitely the best accident lawyers in Boston!!
amber melideo
Amber Melideo
14:05 21 Aug 20
Great group of car accident lawyers
courtney crocker
Courtney Crocker
22:51 25 Jun 20
Great group of folks over at this firm! Very responsive, answer all questions. Very pleasant experience. 10/10 recommend!
emily langan
Emily Langan
22:21 05 Jun 20
Best law firm in Boston, highly recommend!
amanda garrow
amanda garrow
15:53 28 May 20
Best legal team in Boston for any PI Case!!
brad tosto
Brad Tosto
14:09 28 May 20
Excellent team of lawyers
brittany mazza
Brittany Mazza
14:01 28 May 20
The team at Kelly & Associates has been amazing to work with. They are quick to respond and take the time to explain what is going on. Definitely appreciated the extra effort they took to make sure I was understanding everything. Highly recommend!
lexi albrecht
Lexi Albrecht
13:29 26 May 20
Great law firm, full of hardworking people!
dimeilyn perez
Dimeilyn Perez
20:46 28 Apr 20
Very outstanding staff ! Professional, trust worthy, compassionate, the list goes on ! I want to personally take the time to thank you guys. I remember not to long ago calling the office crying for help & you guys was with me every step of the way. Ben your amazing !!! I received my settlement today & I am happy to say I can finally move on with my life. You guys ROCK ! 💪🏻☺️❤️
00:39 14 Mar 20
Excellent law firm I highly recommend amazing staff
ashley eigen
Ashley Eigen
23:53 13 Mar 20
Terrific law firm. Exceeded all expectations, professionalism at its finest! Would highly recommend!
kiel eigen
Kiel Eigen
22:24 13 Mar 20
This firm is empathetic, easily available, and goes above and beyond fighting for their clients.
michael cusumano
Michael Cusumano
22:07 13 Mar 20
This is an honest and hard-working firm that not only has great lawyers, but great people. Highly recommend this firm, they will help you be at ease knowing they are working hard for you.
william butler
William Butler
21:58 13 Mar 20
Highly recommend this firm. Knowledgable and easy to work with. Intelligent, honest, and understanding.

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