The most recent data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Injury Surveillance Program reveals that in a one year period, more than 185,000, approximately 30% of emergency room visits across the state resulted from unintentional falls, with a little more than 33,000 requiring hospital stays. Slip and falls can happen while you are walking to or from Endicott Station for your daily commute, while roaming the historic districts in Dedham, shopping at one of your favorite big box retailers in the area, at home, and at work. Slip and falls can also happen to anyone, but as you age, the risk becomes greater. Throughout the U.S., as well as the Boston area, slip and fall injuries occur overwhelmingly to those over the age of 65, and they can also be fatal.

At Kelly & Associates, we understand the struggle of dealing with a slip and fall injury. In addition to the physical limitations that you have while you heal, it’s likely that you are amassing medical bills and have missed work if you are still of working age. We can help alleviate your stress by advocating for you if your slip and fall injury was sustained because of another party’s negligence.

If you, your child, or an elderly family member has suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident, you or your family member might be able to receive compensation for your losses. Contact one of our skilled slip and fall lawyers in Dedham for a free consultation to discuss your accident and the ways in which we can serve you.

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Our Commitment to Dedham Slip and Fall Victims

Residents of Dedham love its small-town feel, but yet enjoy the conveniences of a being near a large city. Slip and falls might occur at home, but they might also happen while roaming around the Dedham Village Historical District or while engaging in Boston’s hustle and bustle. While the elderly are especially at risk, slips, trips, and falls make up the majority of general industry accidents according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). More than 17% of occupational injuries that lead to disability are a result of falls in the workplace.

Michael Kelly attended New England Law School where he cultivated his passion and commitment to helping those who have been injured, including those who have had slip and fall accidents. The firm’s dedication to getting the best possible outcome for clients while giving them unmatched service includes offering free consultations, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and around-the-clock telephone access for clients who have issues or concerns.

Our compassionate legal team understands the struggles that you might be having due to your injury. We always provide attentive one-on-one service that includes visiting your home or the hospital to discuss your case if you cannot travel to us because of your injury. If you choose Kelly & Associates to advocate for you in a slip and fall injury case, you will not have to pay money up front. We will handle your case on a contingency fee basis and deduct attorney fees from any settlements or verdicts that you receive.

Slip and Fall Accidents in Dedham, Massachusetts

Kelly & Associates has helped clients settle, negotiate, and litigate a wide array of slip and fall cases. Common scenarios that lead to slip and fall accidents include:

  • Wet products or product spills on smooth floors including wax, mud, grease, oil, food, and blood
  • Dry product use or spills including dust, powder, granules, sawdust, and plastic wrap
  • Highly polished concrete, ceramic, or marble floors
  • Sloped walking surfaces
  • Loose tiles or floorboards
  • Uncleared snow, ice, and plant debris
  • Loose surfaces, such as gravel

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How Kelly & Associates Can Help You After a Slip and Fall in Dedham

Although some slip and fall injuries result in minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises that don’t require legal action, when falling results in severe or catastrophic injuries, one of the skilled slip and fall injury attorneys at Kelly & Associates will handle the details of your case, including:

  • Investigation—We will gather evidence about your slip and fall accident and take care of other investigative aspects such as speaking to witnesses, taking photos, and getting copies of your medical records and any other relevant documentation.
  • Consultation—We work with a large network of specialists who will help support your case with their expertise. Examples include life care planners and those who can reconstruct your slip and fall to see exactly how it happened.
  • Negotiation—While you are focusing on rehabilitation, we will handle all communication with the property owner’s insurance carrier, and other potential parties to the defense. Insurance companies want to offer quick and cheap settlements to avoid paying out more for your injuries at a later date. We will negotiate with the relevant parties to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome for your situation.
  • Litigation—Many personal injury cases are settled prior to litigation, but sometimes the defense doesn’t want to pay what you deserve for your injuries. When this happens, Kelly & Associates is ready to diligently litigate your case, adding to Michael Kelly’s successes in the courtroom.

Next Steps After a Slip and Fall Accident in Dedham

If you have slipped and fell in Denham, you need to take some immediate steps to ensure that you have proper documentation for your personal injury claim. Your attorney will advise you on some specifics, but here are some tips:

  • Seek medical attention ASAP. If you have fallen, you might feel a little bruised up and sore and don’t feel the need to go to the doctor. Some slip and fall injuries, especially brain injuries and neck injuries might take hours or days to show up. Also, less severe breaks and fractures might not be immediately noticeable, so you will most likely have to have a few x-rays taken. No matter how good you feel, you need to get checked out immediately by your regular doctor or someone at nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
  • Take photos. Property owners have the incentive to clean up whatever hazard might have caused your fall. Make sure to take pictures or videos of where you slipped with your cell phone. You should also take pictures of injuries for documentation.
  • Don’t speak about your fall with anyone. You might be tempted to share your accident with friends, family, or others, or share it on social media. The defense will investigate the accident too, and they might take your comments out of context to use against you. It’s best to only discuss your accident with your lawyer.

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