Car accidents are a fact of life in the crowded streets in and around Boston. Waltham, unfortunately, contributes more than its fair share. According to the City of Waltham’s January 2017 Transportation Master Plan, twenty-nine Waltham intersections – nearly a third of those studied – had crash rates higher than the state average between 2011 and 2013. The five worst intersections were:

  • Main Street and Moody Street
  • Felton Street and Moody Street
  • Main Street and Friske Street
  • Trapelo Road and Lexington Street
  • Lexington Street and Totten Pond Road/Bacon Street.

At Kelly & Associates, we represent Waltham residents and their families who have been injured or suffered a tragic loss of life in car accidents. We help our clients to pursue compensation to pay for unexpected medical expenses, lost income and the pain and stress that comes with recovering from a traumatic accident or loss.

If you have sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a car accident in the Waltham area because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to significant compensation if you act quickly. The compassionate, knowledgeable team at Kelly & Associates wants to help. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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We Help Victims of Waltham Car Accidents

At Kelly & Associates, we are well-acquainted with the hazards of driving in and around Waltham. Residents here don’t necessarily need traffic studies to know Main Street around City Hall square can be a mess in the mornings, or that driving home on River Street in heavy traffic with the setting sun in your eyes makes safety a challenge. Accidents happen here, and some of them end in catastrophic injuries and even death.

Our founder, Attorney Michael D. Kelly, graduated with honors from New England Law. He’s a lawyer committed to his community who chooses to focus his law practice on seeking justice and compensation for innocent victims of car accidents and other devastating tragedies. He makes connecting with clients and making sure their voices are heard our number one priority. He meets with clients one-on-one, makes himself available 24/7 and offers a rare, 30-day satisfaction guarantee to build his clients’ trust. He’s proud to have stood up for the rights of Waltham residents and families going through some of the most difficult moments in their lives.

Types of Waltham Car Accident Cases We Handle

The team at Kelly & Associates handles a wide variety of car accidents in which our clients have been injured. No two accidents are identical, which is why we always begin our relationship with a new client by learning about what happened in the crash and how our clients’ lives have changed – sometimes forever – because of their injuries and losses.

Any type of Waltham car accident might bring a new client through our door, including:

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How We Advocate for Waltham Car Accident Victims

For any car accident victim, the first priority should always be seeking appropriate medical attention. Once a victim has squared away health care, it is important to speak with a qualified, compassionate car accident attorney. In Massachusetts, time can be short for seeking compensation for car accident injuries or wrongful death. That is why the experienced team at Kelly & Associates wants to hear from Waltham residents who have suffered a car accident tragedy as soon as possible.

The sooner we connect with a new client, the sooner we can:

  • Start investigating – Our team gathers and analyzes a wide array of evidence in order to identify who might have been at fault in a car accident, including accident scene photos and videos, witness statements and police reports. We always begin that investigation by sitting down with our clients and hearing their stories one-on-one. Our client is the most important person in every investigation.
  • Start preparing – Mr. Kelly is a trial lawyer. He likes to prepare his cases as if they will all go to trial so no stone is left unturned and no potential source of recovery is left undiscovered. Our legal team often works with experts in the accident reconstruction and medical fields to develop clear views of how our clients’ accidents and injuries occurred.
  • Start negotiating – It’s not uncommon for us to deal directly with insurance companies whose policies covered someone who caused our clients’ harm. We also frequently enter into negotiations with attorneys for those liable parties.  
  • Start litigating – When necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, we take a case to trial before a judge and jury.

At Kelly & Associates, our clients work with an attorney from start to finish. Our clients receive attorney Michael D. Kelly’s personal attention and his complete commitment to pursuing the justice and compensation they deserve.

Steps to Address a Waltham Car Accident

At Kelly & Associates, we encourage anyone who has sustained an injury in a Waltham car accident to take the steps detailed in this checklist to protect their rights to fair and just compensation. Those steps include:

  • Seeking immediate medical treatment – The best client, for us, is a client who is in the best possible health condition under the circumstances. Always seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Keeping records intact – Medical bills and records of expenses caused by an accident and injury serve as important evidence of damages owed to you by insurers and/or the parties responsible.
  • Obtain the accident report – Victims of car accidents can obtain a copy of their accident report at this Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website or from the Waltham Police Department.
  • Avoid talking to an insurance adjuster – Insurance companies do not necessarily have accident victims’ best interests in mind when they call offering a quick settlement. Their goal is to reduce the amount of damages they will have to pay to a victim or the victim’s family. It’s best not to agree to any settlement or sign any paperwork an insurance company offers before speaking to an attorney.

Get Help from a Waltham, Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney TodayIf you or a loved one have suffered a severe injury, or if your loved one has been tragically killed in a car accident in Waltham, call on the compassionate, client-focused, experienced car accident team at Kelly & Associates. You may be entitled to significant compensation if you act quickly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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