Salem, MA slip and fall accidents lawyerIf you or someone you love was recently injured in a slip and fall accident, a Salem personal injury lawyer from Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers can help. Falls are often a lot worse than they sound. In fact, among certain population segments, such as children and the elderly, they are a leading cause of severe injury, disability, and even death. Whether you realize it or not, someone else may be liable for your injury. Our attorneys help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

At Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers, we believe results are the only thing that matter. Therefore, our clients never pay us a fee until they win compensation. You can speak with a member of our team, receive an evaluation of your case, and get informed of your options, all with no cost or obligation. We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can help. To start the process today, call our Salem personal injury team at (800) LAW-GUYS.

Trust Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers to Fight for You After a Slip and Fall Injury

While you may have many personal injury lawyers from which to choose, Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers has an established reputation right here in Salem of helping slip and fall victims collect compensation. We take care of our clients, helping with all the little things so you can focus on recovery. And our results speak for themselves. If you do not get paid the money you deserve, you do not pay us.

If You Fell on Residential Property

Residential property injuries include falls that happen at houses, apartment complexes, mobile homes, condominiums, and other places that serve as private residences. If your fall occurred on residential property, one or more of several parties may be liable, including:

  • The homeowner
  • The tenant
  • The property manager
  • The apartment community
  • The homebuilder
  • A maintenance company that did shoddy work at the residence

Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers will investigate your injury, identify all responsible parties, and gather evidence to prove their liability. We will go after these parties and their insurers for the compensation you deserve.

If You Fell on Commercial Property

Commercial property injuries include those that happen in office complexes, malls, shopping centers, and more. Potentially liable parties include:

  • The property owner
  • The property manager
  • The business or business owner
  • The builder
  • The building manager
  • The maintenance company or technician

Like with residential property injuries, we investigate falls on commercial properties and identify the responsible party or parties. We then gather evidence and build a compelling claim for damages.

If You Fell on Public or Government Property

Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers can even help you if you were injured on public or government-owned property. To find out more, call us for a free case evaluation at (800) LAW-GUYS.

Do Not Accept a Settlement Before Talking to an Attorney

If the responsible party or their insurer contacts you with a settlement offer, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney before making a deal with them. In fact, you should not discuss your injury in detail with anyone until you have consulted with a slip and fall lawyer in Salem, MA. Anything you say could be twisted by the other party and used to lower your claim value. Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers makes sure you maintain the upper hand in all negotiations and get paid what you deserve.

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We Help You Recover the Compensation You Deserve

The Salem slip and fall lawyers at Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve. We make sure the responsible party and their insurer pay the full value of your claim, which may include compensation for the following and more:

Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses include hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, medical devices, and more. We help you recover both current and expected future costs.

Lost Wages

Lost wages refer to the income you are not able to earn while you are out of work recovering from your injury. We make sure the responsible party and their insurer compensate you for this lost money.

Reduced Earning Capacity

When you return to work, if you find you cannot perform the same job functions as before and therefore are unable to earn as much, we help you get compensated for the difference.

Pain and Suffering and Inconvenience

Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers also pursues noneconomic damages, which refer to losses that cannot be quantified in dollar terms. The most common of these is pain and suffering and inconvenience. We can also help you collect money for your emotional anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.

The Massachusetts Statute of Limitations on Slip and Fall Injury Claims

The statute of limitations to take legal action for a slip and fall injury in Massachusetts is generally three years, but it can vary based on unique aspects of your case. Therefore, it is essential to speak with a slip and fall lawyer in Salem, MA as soon as possible after your injury so that you do not let any important deadlines slip by.

The Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers team can file a quick lawsuit if your case is up against the statute of limitations or any other deadline. We will do everything in our power to keep your claim alive and make sure you get paid the compensation you deserve.

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You deserve compensation for your slip and fall injury in Salem. A slip and fall lawyer in Salem, MA at Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers can help you get it. We want to get to work on your case right away. If you were injured in a fall, do not delay any longer. Call us today to set up a free case evaluation and learn how we can help you get paid the fair compensation you deserve quickly. You can reach our Salem office at (800) LAW-GUYS.

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