Some of the worst car accidents in the Boston area seem to happen in Revere, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has navigated Route 1A in either direction during rush hour or when crowds leave Suffolk Downs after an event. As a town that’s home to numerous local businesses and attractions and also sees tens of thousands of people pass through it every day on their way to work, to Logan or to a game at TD Garden, Revere sees more than its share of fatal or catastrophic collisions and wrecks.

At Kelly & Associates, we represent victims of Revere car accidents and families of those who have tragically died. When we take a case involving an accident that happened in and around Revere, our goal is to help our clients to recover financially and emotionally from a devastating disruption of their lives, health, careers and relationships.  

If a car accident in Revere, Massachusetts has left you with serious injuries or mourning the untimely loss of a loved one, the compassionate, determined team at Kelly & Associates may be able to help you to recover significant compensation from those who should be held accountable. Time is of the essence, so don’t wait. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Advocates for Victims of Car Accidents in Revere

Like anyone who lives north of downtown Boston and owns a car, we know the accident risks of driving through Revere at almost any time of day. Still, the team at Kelly & Associates also knows Revere isn’t just a town that commuters, travelers and sports fans pass through. Revere is a proud community that honors its traditions, from cheering on Revere Patriots football at DellaRusso Stadium to saluting its heritage in the biannual Columbus Day parade.

At Kelly & Associates, we are proud to serve both the citizens of and visitors to Revere when they find themselves in tragic circumstances after a car accident. Whether our clients were involved in a fatal collision on 1A or fell victim to a careless motorist while crossing the intersection at Beach and Winthrop, our mission is always the same: We want to help them to recover the compensation they deserve with compassion and dignity.  

Attorney Michael D. Kelly, who leads our firm, is an honors graduate from New England Law, where he served on its prestigious law review. After law school, he chose to dedicate his legal practice to helping members of his community through injuries and tragedy. Building trust and respect is his number one priority. Unlike some firms that rely on secretaries and paralegals to handle clients, Mr. Kelly meets with his clients face-to-face, makes himself available in person or by phone day or night, and offers a rare, 30-day satisfaction guarantee on his services (something few other firms have the confidence to do).

The Types of Car Accidents We Handle in Revere

At Kelly & Associates, we are prepared to handle just about any car accident a client brings our way, from the most minor fender-bender to the most complicated multi-car accident, including:

No matter the circumstances, we begin every case the same way: We listen. We know our clients have stories to tell – not just about how their accident happened and what their injury involved, but also about what their lives were like before tragedy struck, and how they have changed now because of it.

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The Work We Do for Revere Car Accident Victims and Their Families

No one wants to be injured in a car accident, and no family ever expects to lose a loved one to tragedy. When an accident turns lives upside down, the last thing on anyone’s mind is hiring a lawyer. But, in Revere, time is relatively short for seeking compensation. So, after seeking medical attention or mourning a loss, it will be important for victims or their families to reach out to an experienced, caring lawyer for help.

At Kelly & Associates, we encourage accident victims and their families to call us as soon as they are ready so that we can:

  • Begin an investigation – Once a client has hired us, we typically begin collecting evidence of a car accident to try and determine who might be liable for our clients’ injuries and expenses. Often, we take photos of accident scenes, meet with witnesses and connect with law enforcement. Whatever a case requires, we always begin with that all-important conversation to learn about our clients’ lives and needs.
  • Prepare a case – When he has the facts in hand, Mr. Kelly applies his knowledge and experience to setting the best course possible to meet his clients’ needs. That may involve speaking with accident reconstruction or medical experts, filing a lawsuit in Suffolk County court or demanding payment from an insurer, or it may involve all three. Whatever the path he thinks is best, Mr. Kelly will always explain his advice to his clients and make sure they know they are being heard and that he understands their goals.  
  • Seek an appropriate settlement – Most personal injury lawsuits, including car accidents, end in a settlement between the victim on one hand, and the liable party (or that party’s insurance company) on the other. At Kelly & Associates, we are proud to have reached favorable settlements for clients in a wide variety of car accident matters, including one that required negotiation with three separate insurance companies.
  • Go to trial – Not all cases end in settlement. When it’s necessary to reach the best outcome for his clients, Mr. Kelly heads to court to argue cases to judges and juries. He has what it takes to get results in the courtroom.

This is just a partial list of the services Kelly & Associates may provide over the course of a car accident case. Whatever course a case might take, our core principle of giving our clients personalized, knowledgeable and compassionate service will always guide our decisions.

What You Should Do After a Revere Car Accident

Every car accident, whether it happens in Revere or anywhere else in the Boston area, is different. With that said, every car accident victim can take certain steps to improve their chances of recovering compensation and protecting their rights. We have prepared a detailed checklist here, which includes:

  • Always seek immediate medical care – The first priority after a car accident is getting healthy again. Seeing a doctor is not only important to your well-being. It can also create important records that could serve your interests in a lawsuit.
  • Always keep good records – No one enjoys watching a mountain of medical bills grow higher. However, these documents can serve as important evidence of your damages in a lawsuit. So, keep them in a folder and out of harm’s way.
  • Get a copy of your accident report – Victims of car accidents can obtain a copy of their accident report at this Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website or from the Revere Police Department.
  • Don’t talk to an insurance company – When insurance companies know they’re on the hook for damages, they will do their best to limit their exposure by trying to get a victim to agree to a quick settlement. Don’t sign anything or accept money without speaking to a lawyer first.

Get Help from a Revere, Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney Today

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury in a car accident around Revere, or if your loved one has been tragically killed in a crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the client-focused, experienced car accident team at Kelly & Associates as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation and find out how we may be able to help.

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