The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s most recent data reports that more than 700 people died from unintentional falls throughout the state during a year. In the same time, approximately 186,000 sought treatment in emergency rooms, with more than 30,000 requiring hospitalization from unintentional falls. Slip and falls can happen at home, at work, or while you are walking to or from the light rail service on Mattapan Trolley. Anyone of any age might suffer injuries from a slip and fall, but those over the age of 65 are more at risk for falls, especially those that result in serious injuries.

Our compassionate legal team at Kelly & Associates understands the physical, emotional, and financial stress that accompanies a slip and fall injury. In addition to struggling to recover completely, many victims must miss work, which means they might also be struggling with day-to-day expenses, monthly bills, and continued bills for doctor visits. If you have suffered an injury from a slip and fall accident, you might be entitled to compensation related to your injuries. We are here to help by advocating for you if you suffered an injury because of a property owner’s negligence.  Contact one of the skilled slip and fall lawyers in Milton for a free consultation to discuss your fall and the ways in which we might be able to help you.

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Kelly & Associates Dedication to Victims of Slip and Fall Injuries

Milton’s close proximity to Boston coupled with its rural feel explains why the town consistently winds up on several lists that rank the best place to live in America. Slip and falls might occur at one of the town’s historic homes, but they might also happen residents are headed to catch a ride the MBTA or to do some shopping at Fruit Center Marketplace. Although the elderly are at risk while roaming around Milton, Massachusetts, slips, trips, and falls cause almost one in five incapacitating occupational injuries according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Whether you have slipped and fallen at work, at a retail space, or some other location in Milton, Michael Kelly remains committed to helping those who have been injured because of negligent individuals, businesses, and other entities. After completing his law degree at the New England Law School, Kelly started his own practice and remains dedicated to providing exceptional service to his clients. The firm offers victims of slip and fall injuries, and other clients, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 phone service for questions and concerns.

The empathetic legal team at Kelly & Associates wants to offer you some respite during this difficult time by providing individualized service and care. We’ll meet you at the hospital or in your home to discuss your case, and are proud to offer free consultations. Additionally, if you chose Kelly & Associates to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, you don’t have to worry about legal fees unless we secure a verdict or settlement for you; we handle your case on a contingent fee basis.

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Slip and Fall Accidents in Milton

Kelly & Associates has represented a wide variety of personal injury clients, including those who have been injured in a slip and fall accident. Common situations that cause slip and falls include:

  • Liquid spills and products such as wax, mud, oil, food, grease, and more
  • Dry products and spills such as powder, granules, dust and more
  • Concrete, ceramic, and natural stone floors that have been heavily polished
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Poorly maintained floors with loose tiles or boards
  • Uncleared snow and ice
  • Loose surfaces

How Kelly & Associates Can Assist You After Your Slip and Fall

Although some slip and fall accidents lead to minimal injuries, others result in severe and sometimes, life-altering injuries. The experienced legal team at Kelly & Associates will handle the particulars of your slip and fall claim, including:

  • Investigating the circumstances of your fall, gathering evidence to support your case, speaking to witnesses, taking photos and obtaining any necessary records and documents.
  • Consulting with our network of expert witnesses who can provide insights to your case, such as life care planners and accident reconstruction specialists.
  • Negotiating with relevant parties including insurance companies, property owners, business owners, and other potentially liable parties.
  • Litigating your case in court when a settlement is not likely because those who are liable don’t want to pay you the damages to which you are entitled.

Things to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in Milton

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Milton that might have been caused by another party’s negligence, your next steps can help provide support for your case. Your attorney will direct you on specifics, but here are some tips to make sure you get the compensation for which you might be entitled:

  • Visit a doctor immediately. You might feel a little sore after a fall and feel like you don’t need medical attention, but you still must get checked out by a physician. Some injuries don’t show up for a few hours or days. You can head to your own doctor, or visit one at nearby Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton.
  • Photograph your injuries and the scene of the accident. Photographic evidence to support your slip and fall case is always best. Take photos of the hazard that caused your fall, the scene of your fall, and any injuries. If your injuries start to swell, bruise, or change, make sure to take photos as changes occur.
  • Don’t speak to others about your accident. It’s natural to want to discuss your accident with friends and family, and if you have severe injuries, they will certainly ask you how they happened. Don’t discuss the details of your fall with family or friends, and don’t post details on social media. The defense might come across these comments during their investigation and attempt to use them against you. It’s best to only discuss your slip and fall accident and injury with your lawyer.

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