Boston is our town, and we love it. But like any big city, the Hub and its surroundings have problems with traffic. Medford is no exception, as anyone who has tried to drive downtown on 93 in rush hour traffic knows. But it’s not just sitting in bumper to bumper traffic that poses problems. Distracted drivers on Mystic Valley Parkway, or DUIs on city streets, can turn fatal in an instant.

Kelly & Associates is a Boston law firm. From our offices in the North End, we represent victims of Medford-area car accidents and families who have lost loved ones in those accidents. Our clients often come to us struggling to handle the physical, emotional, and financial costs of injuries and tragic losses. We aim to help them recover compensation and achieve a measure of justice.

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in the Medford area, or you lost a loved one to a tragic accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation. We may be able to help. Call Kelly & Associates today to schedule a free consultation.

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Lawyers for Medford Car Accident Victims and Their Families

Medford, like Boston itself, is a mix of permanence and change. Lots of its residents have lived here their whole lives, raising generations of their families in a tight-knit community that’s proud of its Irish-American roots. They meet up with their old friends at the new Carroll’s and watch their kids play baseball in the ballpark. Medford is also home to Tufts University, and its diverse and ever-changing community of students and faculty. Unfortunately, one thing we all have in common is we’re not immune from car accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Attorney Michael Kelly understands Medford because he grew up in the area. He’s an honors graduate of New England Law School and a former member of its prestigious law review, but most of all he’s a hometown lawyer who hasn’t forgotten his roots. He chose to focus his law practice on helping accident victims in and around Boston. Mr. Kelly meets with his clients in person, makes himself available at all hours, and offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to show his clients the personal commitment he makes to his work.

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We Handle All Manner of Car Accident Cases

Attorney Kelly and his team at Kelly & Associates represent victims of all kinds of car accidents, including:

No matter the circumstances of the accident, our clients come to us with battered bodies and changed lives. It’s our mission to help them recover. We start by hearing their stories – not just what happened in the accident, but how their injuries and losses have affected their physical, emotional, and financial day-to-day.

Full-Service Legal Representation

When clients come to us, they’re often suffering. They need an advocate who can help take the burden of worrying about the future off of their shoulders. And that’s just what we aim to do. In many of our car accident representations, that includes:

  • Investigating the Accident – We don’t just sit behind our desks. We get out to accident scenes with our cameras and measuring tape, we track down and talk to witnesses, and we connect with law enforcement and first responders. We also speak with our clients, in our office or at their homes if need be, to learn what they need help with the most.
  • Preparing a Case – We figure out whether our clients have a claim against someone for negligence or recklessness, and if they do, we assemble it piece by piece so that it’s airtight and convincing.
  • Negotiating Settlements We handle the conversations with insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys who might offer our clients settlements for their injuries and losses, making sure our clients get a fair and honest deal if there’s one to be made.
  • Going to Trial – When an appropriate settlement isn’t in the cards, we head to court. Attorney Kelly is a rising star in the Massachusetts trial lawyer community, and he’s ready to take his clients’ cases to local judges and juries.

First Steps for Medford Accident Victims

Accident victims often ask Kelly & Associates what they can do to help their case. We’ve collected a list of suggestions here. Some of the highlights include:

  • Seek Medical Care. Health and wellbeing are the most important things for our clients and their families. We encourage all of them to seek medical care right away after an accident or loss. Not only does that put them in the best possible position to meet with us and share their stories, but it also creates evidence we may need later.
  • Keep Good Records. One issue that comes up time and again in car accident claims is how much an injury or loss has cost our clients. Having documents showing those costs always helps, from medical bills to pay stubs to invoices for services you wouldn’t have needed to get if it wasn’t for the accident.
  • Don’t Talk to the Insurance Adjuster. Most of our clients are best off letting us handle discussions with insurance adjusters. It might be tempting to jump at a quick settlement offer, but more often than not that offer will come with strings that can pose problems down the road.
  • Stay Off Social Media. Insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys are just dying to find something, anything, on one of our clients’ social media feeds that could undermine our clients’ claims. Even the most innocent post to Instagram can be costly. Stay away if you can.

Client-Centered Car Accident Representation in Medford, Massachusetts

If you or a loved one have suffered a severe injury, or your loved one has tragically died, in a car accident in the Medford area, call the experienced, compassionate team at Kelly & Associates. You may be entitled to significant compensation if you act quickly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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