Slip and falls remain to be some of the most insidious accidents across the nations. Often, we catch ourselves, dust our hands and backside off, get right back up and continue walking. Other times, slip and falls result in serious, even life-threatening injuries. In fact, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reports about 186,000 emergency department visits and about 33,000 hospital stays during a year period were a result of unintentional falls. Hyde Park residents might fall while shopping and running errands at Logan Square or Cleary Square, while heading to a gathering at Riverside Theater Works, or while taking an afternoon walk in the Fairmount Hill neighborhood to take in the period architecture. Regardless of where you might have taken a spill, if your injuries are a result of a property owner’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses.

At Kelly & Associates, we are empathetic to the financial losses that come with being seriously injured. While coping with the physical recovery, many victims lose income because of time away from work while medical bills continue to come in from injuries. We are here to advocate for you and help you through this challenging time in your life. If you, your child, or another family member has sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident on another party’s property, contact one of our skilled slip and fall attorneys in Hyde Park for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and the ways in which we can serve you.

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Our Commitment to Hyde Park Slip & Fall Accident Victims

Hyde Park residents love the small town feel of Boston’s southernmost neighborhood, resulting in its nickname ‘A Small Town in the City.’ Slip and falls might occur at home, at work, or while walking to the MBTA station to catch the Fairmount Shuttle to downtown Boston. Hyde Park’s elderly population are especially at risk for falls, like elders across Massachusetts and the nation, but slips, trips, and falls continue to plague the workplace, too. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 17% of workplace injuries that result in disability occur because of falls.

Michael Kelly, a graduate of New England Law School, remains committed to helping those who have been injured by the careless acts of others, including those who have been involved in a slip and fall accident. Kelly & Associates continued dedication to serving their clients includes offering free consultations, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and 24/7 telephone access for clients who need to speak to an attorney with concerns. Additionally, we never accept money up front. We handle our cases on a contingency fee basis and recover attorney fees from any settlements or verdicts that we secure for our clients.

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Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents in Hyde Park

Kelly & Associates has represented clients in multiple slip and fall accident cases that were caused by a variety of hazards. Some common dangerous situations that might result in a slip and fall include:

  • Wet products or wet product spills on smooth floors including blood, food, mud, was, and more
  • Dry products or dry product spills such as plastic wrap, sawdust, powders, and more
  • Polished concrete, ceramic tile, or marble floors
  • Uneven walking paths
  • Poorly maintained floors with broken tiles or floorboards
  • Snow, ice, and slush that hasn’t been cleared from a store front, sidewalk, parking lot, etc.
  • Loose surfaces such as gravel, wood chips, and more

How We Can Assist You After a Slip and Fall Accident in Hyde Park

Some slip and fall accident victims struggle with the decision to consult an attorney after their accident, but it’s always in a victim’s best interest to hire a lawyer when they have been seriously injured. Slip and fall accidents are complex cases that might involve multiple parties and insurance companies. Here are some of the ways that Kelly & Associates can assist you after your slip and fall:

  • Speaking to potential eye-witnesses, gathering witness statements, and collecting any other relevant evidence to your case
  • Obtaining relevant documentation including a police report, if applicable, and medical records to support your case
  • Taking photos of the scene of the accident
  • Consulting with our network of specialists to reconstruct your slip and fall accident
  • Enlisting the aid of expert witnesses to speak to aspects of your case
  • Valuating your injuries and losses for your lawsuit
  • Negotiating with commercial and homeowners’ insurance companies who often offer low settlements and deny claims to avoid paying damages
  • Aggressively litigating your case when settlement in not an option and the defenses doesn’t want to compensate you for your injuries
  • Diligently pursuing the best possible outcome for your individual situation

Hire a Skilled Hyde Park Slip & Fall Lawyer Today

If you have recently been injured in a slip and fall accident, you need to get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already. Head to your regular physician or nearby Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Some injuries might not immediately show symptoms, especially brain injuries which are common when a person falls backwards during a slip and fall. Visiting a doctor provides documentation that your accident caused your injury.

Massachusetts has a three-year statute of limitations to take legal action for a personal injury suit, including slip and fall accidents. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for those who visit or use their property. When their negligence results in serious injury, they deserve to be held accountable. At Kelly & Associates, we understand all the physical, emotional, and financial stress that comes with a serious injury. Let us worry about the details of your case, while you focus on rehabilitation and recovery.

If you, your child, or a loved one has been injured on another party’s property because you slipped and fell, contact Kelly & Associates for free consultation with one of our experienced slip and fall attorneys who will evaluate your case, determine your eligibility for compensation, and help you decide the best path forward for your individual situation.

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