We love Boston, but it’s not without its problems. Traffic is one of those problems, as anyone from Everett who has sat in bumper-to-bumper tie-ups on Broadway or the Revere Beach Parkway knows. With traffic comes accidents. In 2017, the Everett PD responded to 1,332 motor vehicle accidents within the city limits. Some of those accidents caused serious injuries or fatalities.

Operating from an office in the North End, Kelly & Associates is a Boston law firm that represents people injured in Everett car accidents and families whose loved ones have died. We aim to help our clients recover from the emotional, physical, and financial toll accidents take on their lives by seeking compensation from the parties responsible for their injuries and losses. Money does not heal wounds or bring back a loved one, but it can help achieve a measure of justice.

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in the Everett area, or you lost a loved one to a tragic accident here, then you may be entitled to significant compensation, and we may be able to help. Call Kelly & Associates at 1-800-LAW-GUYS today to schedule a free consultation.

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An Advocate for Everett Car Accident Victims and Their Families

Everett is a proud town and home to some of the Boston-area’s best locals’ spots. Who doesn’t love dropping by Richie’s Slush on a hot summer day, or checking out the up-and-coming hockey stars at Everett Rink in the dead of winter? These traditions are part of what makes Everett one of our favorite near-suburbs. Still, like any town, Everett has also known tragedy, including severe and sometimes-fatal car accidents.

Attorney Michael Kelly knows Everett well, having grown up in the area. After graduating with honors from New England Law School, he formed his law practice to help Boston-area car accident victims and their families repair their lives after injury and tragedy. Client service is Attorney Kelly’s top priority. He meets with his clients one-on-one, takes calls 24/7, and builds his clients’ trust by offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to on his services.

Experienced in All Types of Car Accidents

At Kelly & Associates, clients come to us after having been injured or losing a loved one in a wide variety of motor vehicle accidents, including:

Every one of our clients has a unique story to tell, no matter how their accident happened. We take that seriously. Our legal team begins every car accident case with a face-to-face meeting with the client. When a client cannot travel to our office, we will meet with him or her at the hospital or in his or her home. We believe the cornerstone of client service is understanding the facts of an accident and the life stories of the people the accident affected.

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Offering Full-Service Legal Representation

Clients come to Kelly & Associates during a challenging moment in their lives. Many of them are not sure exactly what we can do for them. One of our top priorities is helping them understand what we do, and how we do it so that they trust we have their best interests at heart. Our services for our car accident clients often include:

  • Investigating the Accident – Every accident is different, from the location to the time of day to the parties involved. Do never treat any accident as run-of-the-mill. We investigate the facts by heading out to accident scenes to get a visual, finding witnesses who remember what happened, and speaking to first responders and reading their reports. And, of course, we give extra attention to our clients, so that we know we are meeting their most pressing needs.
  • Preparing a Case – When our clients have a claim against someone – the other driver, a business, even a municipal agency – we build the most persuasive possible case we can. We focus on the details we know matter most to judges, juries, insurance adjusters, and opposing attorneys in deciding how much our clients’ claims are worth.
  • Negotiating Settlements – Often, the strength of the cases we prepare convinces our opponents that it’s better to settle with us than to fight. We handle the negotiation of those settlements directly, using our experience and street smarts to make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve.
  • Going to Trial – When a settlement isn’t possible, we often take our clients’ cases to Middlesex County judges and juries. Attorney Kelly is a rising star among Massachusetts trial lawyers. He knows how to explain his clients’ stories and rights to Boston juries in a language they understand.

Helping Everett Accident Victims Protect Themselves

Our clients often ask us if there’s anything they should do, before they meet with us, to protect themselves and help strengthen their claim. We’ve written down a list of suggestions here. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Get Medical Help. We care most that our clients are as healthy as they can be under the circumstances. Period. Not only is seeking appropriate physical and emotional health care a top priority for anyone thinking of bringing a legal claim after a car accident, it’s also critical to establishing how an accident has injured our clients.
  • Keep Good Records. Documents are compelling evidence of what an accident has cost our clients and their families. Lawyers, insurance companies, judges, and juries rely heavily on them. If you have paperwork from a doctor, or bills from any product or service you needed because of your accident, injuries, or loss, then keep them in a file and hand them to your attorney when he asks for them.
  • Don’t Talk to the Insurance Adjuster. Insurance adjusters who realize their company is going to have to pay out a big settlement have been known to reach out to accident victims and grieving families directly, trying to get them to take quick money in exchange for a release of liability. Don’t let them take advantage of your during this vulnerable time. An attorney can handle that discussion for you and protect your rights.
  • Stay Off Social Media. Social media is a place most people post “happy” pictures of themselves. Adjusters and juries can misinterpret those kinds of pictures and posts. Better to stay away for the time being.

Your Everett, Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in an Everett-area car accident or lost a family member to one, you may be entitled to receive significant compensation from insurance companies and responsible parties. Call the experienced, client-focused team at Kelly & Associates at 1-800-LAW-GUYS today to schedule a free consultation.

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