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brian jacobs
Brian Jacobs
18:24 21 Mar 23
Kelly & Associates is one of the best and most reliable firms around. Luke was a pleasure to work with!
david stocker
David Stocker
14:58 18 Mar 23
Very professional staff.
mark hamel
mark hamel
14:49 18 Mar 23
I recommend Kelly & Associates for any personal injury cases. I could not be any happier with the work!
michael barry
Michael Barry
17:25 17 Mar 23
Great service!
arthur jarvis
Arthur Jarvis
21:08 16 Mar 23
Just wanted to say DennisWas more then helpfulWalked me through everythingSpoke with me about all my concerns I am greatful and Dennis is a great asset to Kelly and associates
ashley spillane
Ashley Spillane
16:04 14 Mar 23
Great customer service!!
vivian chan
Vivian Chan
16:01 14 Mar 23
Great resource especially for someone who is in need to advice after a MVA. Every one has been attentive, cordial and resourceful. Denis was quick to contact me and provide me reassurance and has made this process less overwhelming.
john williams
John Williams
21:56 02 Mar 23
More than satisfied with the outcome and it was a pleasure to work with Emily Barry.
mia rioles
Mia Rioles
19:01 02 Mar 23
Very professional law firm. Emily Barry is a pleasure to work with!
samantha nicholas
Samantha Nicholas
15:02 22 Feb 23
I had the pleasure of working with Stephen and Julie on my case. They took just about all the stress away so I could focus on my recovery after my accident. Julie is so personable and it showed she genuinely cared about my well being and recovery. Stephen went above and beyond when it came time to settle and it was so fast! He exceeded my expectations and I would 100% use Kelly & Associates again should I ever end up in such an unfortunate circumstance again.To the team - thank you all for what felt like your undivided attention and you’re part in my recovery.
nakisha shaw
Nakisha Shaw
04:34 20 Jan 23
Very professional and helpful! They helped me after my motor vehicle accident in March 2022 and are helping me with my most recent accident! I would never use another injury lawyer besides them!
joseph perron
Joseph Perron
19:25 29 Nov 22
lisa paulson
Lisa Paulson
20:26 22 Nov 22
Phenomenally awesome people. My lawyer John was Fantastic. I was always kept up to date and never wondered what was happening with my case. Thank Kelly &Associates
zack krugman
Zack Krugman
20:45 19 Nov 22
The law guys are a fantastic firm who care deeply about their clients. Attorney Kevin Nangeroni is knowledgeable and aggressively pursues outstanding results for his clients. You are in excellent hands with this firm!
stacie weaver
Stacie Weaver
22:58 10 Nov 22
Kelly and Associates gave me professional and sincere attention to my case. I felt like they were truly on my side and I was being defended by an honest, caring, and wonderful group of lawyers. I highly recommend Kelly and Associates!
jake rutter
Jake Rutter
22:55 10 Nov 22
Kelly & Associates surpassed my expectations. I felt like I was taken care of in a professional, attentive, and caring way. I am extremely thankful that I had the fortune of being represented by such a good team of attorneys. I highly recommend Kelly & Associates to family and friends!
max elton
Max Elton
01:45 09 Nov 22
Without question, the best personal injury attorneys in Massachusetts. Should probably have a good jingle for commercials at this point, but other than that you couldn’t ask for anything else.
patrick o'beirne
Patrick O'Beirne
01:10 09 Nov 22
The epitome of dedication and professionalism
joe stevens
Joe Stevens
23:56 08 Nov 22
Kelly & Associates are the finest attorneys in all of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. Perhaps no greater legal mind has graced a New England court since the late John Adams defended those pesky redcoats after they raised a ruckus in that incident on King Street.When backed by the immense brainpower of their strapping, handsome young apprentice, Benjamin, they are no doubt a force to be reckoned with!I can say confidently that no visit to Boston is complete without a cannoli from Mike’s Pastries or a personal injury lawsuit from Kelly & Associates.
steven ward
Steven Ward
18:43 08 Nov 22
Good lawyers
chuckie neville
Chuckie Neville
16:34 08 Nov 22
gob holarn
Gob Holarn
16:27 08 Nov 22
scott lovejoy
Scott Lovejoy
19:02 31 Oct 22
I'd like to state up front that I would give 4.5 stars if I could. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my personal injury case, and I would not hesitate to go back to this team should I ever again need any of the services they provide. Everyone I communicated with was extremely respectful and knowledgeable, and never did I feel like I wasn't in good hands.I just couldn't give a straight 5-stars for one small reason. I had started working with one attorney, then a few months into the process, another attorney took over. He did great overall, except that he wasn't as responsive as the first attorney was. There were times when I'd have to follow-up one or two more times before receiving a response to an email (weeks apart). There were also times when I was promised some follow-up the next day, or before the end of the week, only to have to ask for an update a week or two later after receiving nothing. I understand the attorneys are busy, but my first attorney would at least acknowledge receipt of my emails, even if he couldn't answer right then. With the second attorney, it was just radio silence sometimes, which was tremendously frustrating.Again, I wouldn't hesitate to use Kelly & Associates again, as I am ultimately very happy with the service and the outcome. I would definitely recommend them!
kate crocker
Kate Crocker
15:06 28 Oct 22
Professional firm. Easy to get in touch with.
fiona worsfold
Fiona Worsfold
00:02 28 Oct 22
Great service, had a difficult time with my injury. The services I got here made the issue a little less bad.
caleb hallinan
Caleb Hallinan
23:58 27 Oct 22
wonderful people & get the job done, hopefully nobody i know needs an injury attorney but i will recommend these guys
laura johnson
Laura Johnson
23:56 27 Oct 22
Excellent communication & a top firm
erin reardon
Erin Reardon
23:04 27 Oct 22
Great service & amazing people. Would recommend this firm to anyone!
mark sheehan
Mark Sheehan
18:08 27 Oct 22
Kelly & Associates is an outstanding firm filled with talented and effective attorneys. I was very pleased with my experience working with Attorney Nangeroni and Attorney Semenza. I highly recommend this law firm.
ogie pogi
Ogie Pogi
22:44 26 Oct 22
Professional Attorneys!!!
s n
18:47 26 Oct 22
Stephen and the team from Kelly & Associates went above and beyond to ensure that we got the best outcome possible for our case. We're very happy we chose Kelly & Associates to represent us and highly recommend them! Thank you so much!
tanner cosens
Tanner Cosens
19:04 22 Oct 22
A firm I would trust, great team that looks out for their clients.
kate lyons
Kate Lyons
04:15 22 Oct 22
haris sprecak
Haris Sprecak
02:54 22 Oct 22
Great location by the water, experienced professionals!!!
liana deleon
Liana Deleon
01:57 21 Oct 22
Professional and on top of their stuff. Exactly what you need with an attorney’s office. Thank you Hamza for always being available on the phone. Definitely a great team to turn to if you need personal injury help.
23:14 20 Oct 22
Thank you Kelly and Associates for being a great law firm! Really impressed with the staff’s expertise and willingness to help. Hamza was very nice on the phone and I appreciate it!
matthew cucuzza
Matthew Cucuzza
22:02 20 Oct 22
I highly recommend this firm. The people are very informative, personable, and trustworthy.
ashly marie yamat
Ashly Marie Yamat
20:14 20 Oct 22
Couldn’t recommend a better place than this one. Case managers really care and go the extra mile to assist. After meeting many attorneys, I can say these are some of the best. Thanks K&A!
megan a.
Megan A.
19:22 20 Oct 22
Kelly & Associates is one of the most professional firms I’ve encountered. I would highly recommend any one of their attorneys to help you. They are kind, communicative, and very on top of it when it comes to their clients.
mike lozzi
Mike Lozzi
17:11 20 Oct 22
If you are looking for legal assistance, look no further than Kelly & Associates. The team is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that truly care about their clients. I highly recommend them!
chris dunn
Chris Dunn
16:36 20 Oct 22
Kelly & Associates is a great team of professionals! Hamza was very nice over the phone and answered my questions! I'd recommend this firm.
nikolaos bakis
Nikolaos Bakis
16:27 20 Oct 22
I interviewed three other personal injury firms before choosing Kelly and Associates to handle my motor vehicle accident claim. It was the best decision I made. Attorney Matthew Medeiros is the most competent attorney I’ve ever worked with, and all the staff I dealt with at Kelly and Associates are knowledgable, attentive, caring, and professional. They fought hard for me, guided me through the process and kept me informed the entire way through, and they made sure I was 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. I hope whoever is reading this never needs a personal injury attorney, but if/when you do, this is the team you want fighting for you.
mary vannatta
Mary VanNatta
16:06 20 Oct 22
They are a great team that communicates quickly and efficiently and are always friendly and accommodating.
amina husic
Amina Husic
16:04 20 Oct 22
I appreciate Hamza for answering all of my questions about my situation, he was very informative and he took his time.
brandon oby
Brandon Oby
14:28 20 Oct 22
Excellent service and wonderful people! They do everything they can to make the process less stressful and comfortable. This is a great team!
skylar billingsley
Skylar Billingsley
16:27 10 Oct 22
Highly recommend this firm, they support you fully during your case
eduardo silva
Eduardo Silva
02:08 05 Oct 22
The best law firm, they will make your case their top priority
tim barry
Tim Barry
01:57 05 Oct 22
Reliable and professional firm, highly recommend
katelynn brunt
Katelynn Brunt
01:54 05 Oct 22
They were attentive and helpful with everything I needed
karen murphy
Karen Murphy
17:46 04 Oct 22
Kevin always answers my calls and emails and if he wasn't available I talked to someone who was. Sidney helped expedite a check for me too. They work together to make the experience less stressed in a stressful situation
dwight fairbairn
dwight fairbairn
21:46 26 Sep 22
You have nothing to worry about your in the best of hands they will fight for you as if it were themselves involved
daisey jones
Daisey Jones
17:35 24 Sep 22
Very helpful firm, they’re attentive in their work
chantal oujaimi
Chantal Oujaimi
16:12 19 Sep 22
admir sprecak
Admir Sprecak
03:21 19 Sep 22
Very professional and helpful firm!!!
vee castro
Vee Castro
13:41 17 Sep 22
I had the pleasure of working with Hugh Dunn, excellent service is not even the words I can use to describe the work these people do. I would 110% recommend them for any Injury representation you need! I’m so grateful I chose them to represent me!
ronald lang
Ronald Lang
04:14 17 Sep 22
They actually get out there and pound the pavement ask the questions find the witnesses they go above and beyond to get you what you deserve!!!
mikayla o'hagan
Mikayla O'Hagan
21:39 16 Sep 22
Such a good law firm, they really helped me
samantha crotty
Samantha Crotty
21:05 16 Sep 22
jaimie allard
Jaimie Allard
18:47 16 Sep 22
nico miele
Nico Miele
15:38 16 Sep 22
Very good law firm, they are helpful and professional.
kelly celano
Kelly Celano
14:56 16 Sep 22
Great experience with this firm. They were very helpful with my questions and I felt they were 100% invested.
rae lacanlale
Rae Lacanlale
03:23 16 Sep 22
great attorneys! professional and friendly, and we’re very clear with every step of the way. thanks kelly & associates!
Great firm, professional and communicative!
carlos j gonzalez
Carlos J Gonzalez
21:09 15 Sep 22
Excellent place ! Thanks
john morabito
John Morabito
19:56 14 Sep 22
emrah salkic
Emrah Salkic
23:20 12 Sep 22
mechlo marroquin
Mechlo Marroquin
18:08 12 Sep 22
Professional and hardworking! Amazing firm.
jordan donohue
Jordan Donohue
01:19 12 Sep 22
Dealing with any sort of injury is unfortunate and tedious, but Kelly and Associates made the process so much easier and stress-free! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking out a personal injury attorney.
m lyons
m lyons
05:16 10 Sep 22
great firm, great results!
james rosenblack
James Rosenblack
20:12 09 Sep 22
Professional and gets what needs to be done in a timely and communicative manner.
jp turibio miguel
JP Turibio Miguel
22:16 08 Sep 22
I would like to take a moment to thank Kelly & Associates and our attorney Hugh Duhn as well as Ben Wadsworth for taking the time to make this process stress free. This accident was very serious and scary and hugh and the team handled it amazingly they went above and beyond accommodating everything too leave us stress and worry free and had a check mailed out for full policy within a month. They don't call him the policy guy for nothing. Thank you again so much for helping is get through this terrible incident.
Attorney Nangeroni Was very helpful other firms didn’t want to take my case but he did.Thank you,Hector
ashly yamat
Ashly Yamat
01:37 06 Sep 22
Kelly & Associates is one of the best team of professionals I've seen in the personal injury field! They are responsive, and experienced in all issues that they handle.
natacha gustave
Natacha Gustave
01:02 06 Sep 22
laura costello
Laura Costello
15:46 31 Aug 22
I’m writing to say that my experience with Kelly and Associates has been top notch.I want to give particular praise to Hugh Dunn who personally handled my case with compassion for my circumstances and an assertive, diligent, professional negotiations with the other insurance company.I would highly recommend him and Kelly Associates to anyone who has been hurt and needs zealous, personal representation.
mark thompson
mark Thompson
20:31 18 Aug 22
These guys are great you might not can reach them when you call but believe me your in great hands they handle your case with excellents keep up great work
danna long
Danna Long
17:10 02 Aug 22
fred castro
Fred Castro
01:27 02 Aug 22
Kelly & Associates are Professional, helpful, and Kind when you need it the most.
gaida alzobier
Gaida alzobier
05:05 30 Jul 22
I was rear ended badly in an accident that virtually stopped everything going on in my life. I missed my sisters wedding, lost my job and spiraled into a dark and depressing phase in my life and there was not much I could do beside wait out the trauma and recovery process. I knew I had to be compensated for my injuries and that was when I called Benjamin Kelly and associates. My Attourney Hugh Dunn was truly the best part of the whole ordeal, he allowed me to put all of the politics of the situation aside. It was complicated because although the other party accepted fault they were seeking ways to minimize damage and give me minimal compensation as a result. My Attourney before Attourney Dunn seemed compliant with the other insurance agency’s settlement and I didn’t feel that they were fighting for me like I wanted. When I explained this to Hugh Dunn, he took charge and TURNED DOWN their offer! I thought I would have to be more involved at this point but aside from turning in my medical record, Hugh Dunn worked alone, without constantly calling me, and without asking me to constantly provide documents like my previous attourney. He did it all. I was shocked because the settlement was so high compared to others in the same predicament; In the end I was so relieved that I was not taken advantage of. He’s so nice and when financially the damage from the car accident became too much of a burden, without complaining Attourney Dunn EXPEDITED the process and I received my pay out and closed the suit in two weeks and after I agreed to the amount I had my check in my hands in days. Please choose him, he is dedicated and refuses to be shorted. It was clear he wanted to make his client happy and he did!I also appreciate that after I received my pay out he did not forget about me and showed me his responses to the other insurance agency. I read that when they were shrugging us off he reached out to the other driver instead letting them know they can personally be sued causing them to call the insurance agency to settle the case. He did not have to do that but he stops at nothing to give his clients the peace of mind they deserve. Thank you Attourney Dunn!
15:02 27 Jul 22
Amazing team ! attorneys are outstanding, knowledgeable and very professional. They kept in touch with my husband and myself every step of the way, I am grateful for all the hard work they put into this our case ! I would definitely recommend Kelly & Associates to my family and friends!
nicholas townsend
Nicholas Townsend
15:51 08 Jun 22
They were kind, understanding, attentive and efficient.
matt matthew
Matt Matthew
19:58 28 Apr 22
kelly and Associates provided exceptional service. im super happy work with them. they are friendly and professional. they know what they are doing. i work with Laura and Steven they work very hard for my settlement. highly recommended
dab flair
Dab Flair
15:49 21 Apr 22
karan jaggi
Karan Jaggi
01:15 14 Apr 22
Ben Wadsworth is absolutely exceptional. I reached out to them after I got hit by a car while riding my bike. We determined I wasn't able to get enough compensation to go to court, as I didn't go to the hospital for my medical injuries. BUT, Ben graciously offered to help me recover from the damages I suffered out of pure kindness. He used the offenders information to contact their insurance and help me recover compensation for the bike damage. We are awaiting their response as of now but regardless of what happens, I highly recommend this firm. These guys really care.
nicole florio
Nicole Florio
15:43 06 Apr 22
I had a car accident back in December 2018. Kelly and Associates, especially Attorney Semenza stood by me with care and compassion understanding what I wanted as a result. Attorney Semenza worked tirelessly to get me the results I wanted. He is a wonderful lawyer and Kelly and Associates is a wonderful lawyer firm
21:45 31 Mar 22
I got the pleasure of working with Katie from Kelly & Associates and she was AMAZING! I had so many questions and concerns because I’ve never been through this process before and Katie always answered them confidently. If there was an issue, she went straight to the source and got it taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend Kelly & Associates! Thank you so much!!
10:24 31 Mar 22
I have nothing but great things to say abut this firm. Ben Wadsworth was extremely professional and maximized my settlement beyond belief. He was always responsive and thorough. Never had a better experience with a lawyer or firm. It would be impossible to match the professionalism and experience that they exhibit.
amit luthra
amit luthra
19:32 29 Mar 22
Kelly and kelly are very genuine and great Injure lawyers. I work with Ben and Sabastian. They are very patient people; they answer my questions and answer every phone call. I am so happy with their work; they help me pay my bills and more benefits. So I recommend it to my three friends, who are also pleased with their services.
sue sweet
Sue Sweet
14:57 21 Mar 22
Kelly & Associates is the best representation you could ask for. They are everything you can imagine and even more in a law firm to represent you. Extremely professional, courteous, fast acting, makes you feel like you’re their only client and their most important client, spot on with everything, fast results without missing any details. Katie and Jackie went above and beyond all of my expectations! So if you are looking for someone to represent you stop here and don’t look any further you have found the best! Thank you!!! Sue
chantal caine
Chantal Caine
19:59 20 Mar 22

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