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Class A & B Firearms License Appeals & Renewals Attorney

Has your valid Class A License to carry a concealed firearm been suspended or revoked? If so, then you have the right to an appeal within 90 days of receiving your revocation or suspension notice. This window of opportunity is also applicable when renewing your LTC. Upon its expiration, your LTC can be renewed within 90 days without penalty. Generally speaking, this means that you may still conceal carry your firearm within the 90 days following the expiration.

If you are concerned about losing your Class A or Class B License to Carry due to a recent arrest or charge of allegedly carrying your firearm outside of your license restrictions, call Kelly & Soto Law to speak with one of our defense attorneys. Our criminal defense lawyers care deeply about your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right, and will advocate on your behalf to make certain that you do not lose your license, or at least help to preserve your ability to obtain it in the future.

Why is my License being Suspended or Revoked?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will suspend or revoke a Class A or B License to Carry for many reasons. Some reasons do not even involve the firearm itself. Almost always, the circumstances surrounding the revocation or suspension are such that the Commonwealth has deemed you an unsuitable person with regards to firearm carry. Such circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Carrying your firearm outside of your restriction(s);
  • Carrying your firearm while Operating Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol;
  • Carrying your firearm in a non-concealed manner;
  • Improper storage of your firearm;
  • Improper carry of your firearm in a motor vehicle;
  • Domestic Assault and Battery; and
  • Being the subject of a 209(a) Abuse Prevention Order.

Furthermore, if you are required to relinquish your Class A LTC, you must also surrender your firearms to your town’s police department, after which you may transfer them to a licensed gun owner or gun dealer within the Commonwealth.

The gun laws in Massachusetts are complex and convoluted, so you need an attorney experienced with case law and statutory construction to help represent you during revocation or suspension procedures following an arrest. Many times, the facts surrounding the arrest do not support the charge for arrest. This is where your attorney can provide the most beneficial representation. Getting charges dismissed provides a better chance of reclaiming or renewing your Firearm License.

So if you have been arrested for a firearm violation, or have had your license suspended or revoked, call Kelly & Soto Law to consult with a criminal defense attorney. We would be happy to discuss representing your interests at an appeal to the District Court regarding your suspension or revocation.

At Kelly & Soto Law, we understand the long and laborious process of obtaining a Class A License to Carry within the Commonwealth, and especially in Boston. We also understand that the laws regarding proper carry and storage can be confusing which is why we invite those with questions or concerns to contact our office.

Along with presenting your appeal against the licensing board to the Court, we may very well be able to represent you in the criminal action that caused you to be arrested in the first place.

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