Drug Offense Lawyers in Boston

Drug Offenses in Boston

Boston Drug Offense Attorneys

Drug offenses are some of the most common crimes for which people are arrested in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In Boston alone, the police logs are riddled with reports of people being arrested for these types of crimes. Here at Kelly & Soto Law, we are experienced in drug possession representation and our aggressive team of criminal attorneys will work tirelessly to explore every avenue to keep you from seeing the inside of a jail cell.

In Massachusetts, the Controlled Substances Act governs which drugs are illegal to possess. The list of Controlled Substances is extensive, but the following is a short list of the most common illicit drugs for which people are arrested:

  • Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Synthetic Opiate Derivatives such as methadone, suboxone, oxycontin and oxycodone (without a prescription)
  • Marijuana if it is over one ounce

The offenses included with drug offense representation include the following:

  • Drug Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession with Intent to Manufacture or Distribute
  • Trafficking
  • Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws
  • Possession/Distribution in a School Zone or Near a Park

Depending on the nature of the drug offense, an individual accused may face harsher penalties. Penalties for convictions of drug offenses differ depending of the type of controlled substance involved, the length of criminal history of the offender, the history of drug offenses of the offender, and the quantity of drugs relating to the alleged offense. For example, a straight possession conviction will yield a less harsh sentence than a distribution conviction. Likewise, a trafficking conviction will yield a harsher penalty than a standard distribution conviction.

The harsh realities of a drug offense conviction require an experienced, aggressive, and knowledgeable defense team that will use its expertise, advanced legal analysis, and relentless courtroom techniques to procure an outcome that is most beneficial in your specific situation.

How Do I Beat these Types of Charges?

One of the most effective ways to defend against a drug charge is to attack the police procedures used to obtain incriminating evidence. This means calling into question the credibility and veracity of informants that provide police with incriminating information; suppressing evidence due to unlawful searches and seizures through discovery motions; and questioning the validity of Field Interrogation Observations.

So if you or anyone you know has recently been arrested for a drug related crime, call the defense lawyers that know how to get the job done. Call Kelly & Soto Law, the relentless, aggressive and proven criminal defense attorneys in the Boston Metro Area.

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