Disorderly Conduct Lawyers in Boston

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Boston Disorderly Conduct Lawyers

Disorderly conduct is defined broadly as fighting, engaging in violent behavior, being excessively noisy, making threats, creating dangerous conditions without good reason, the result of which serves to annoy, inconvenience, or alarm others. One of the most common examples of disorderly conduct occurs when people fight in public place.

How Disturbing the Peace is Different

Closely related, but a different charge is disturbing the peace. This crime also encompasses any conduct that is disruptive in or near a public place bothering others. For example, someone yelling outside of a bar late at night, or blasting music from his or her apartment might be charged with disturbing the peace. In the case of disturbing the peace, only one person need be disturbed by the conduct or noise.

These laws target behavior that disturbs public tranquility. The conduct that causes public disturbance is often inadvertent and hard to clearly define. Often, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace charges arise when someone unintentionally causes a disturbance in a public area while socializing with friends. However, as long as the individual’s conduct is intentional, the intent to cause the disturbance is immaterial. Because the laws are so broad, the behavior does not have to be violent and injuries do not have to occur. In some instances, offensive words alone can justify the charge.

Contact a Lawyer for Advice

If you have been charged with either of these crimes, or know someone who has, contact one of the attorneys at Kelly & Soto Law. A conviction for disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace is punishable by a fine of $150 dollars. However, second and subsequent convictions are punishable by a six-month sentence in the House of Corrections, a fine of $200, or both. It is very important to fight these charges to protect your record and avoid any future consequences that may arise as a result of a conviction.

The attorneys at Kelly & Soto Law will work relentlessly to defend you against the charges of disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace. We understand that having a criminal record can have a lasting impact on your life. If you choose to work with us, we will keep you informed throughout the process and work to effectively procure the most beneficial outcome in your criminal matter. For a free consultation and honest evaluation of your case, call the attorneys at Kelly & Soto Law today at 617.807.0855. Or, in the alternative, fill out the free consultation form to have one of our attorneys contact you!