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Assault and battery in Boston

Boston Assault & Battery Attorneys

Every year, more and more people are arrested for Assault and Battery offenses. At Kelly & Soto Law, our assault and battery defense attorneys have proven to excel at defending these types of offenses and can help you get the best possible outcome for your assault and battery charge.

What is Assault & Battery? What are the Consequences of Being Charged and Convicted?

In order to be convicted of an assault and battery, the prosecutors for the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused touched the victim without any right or excuse for doing so, that the accused intended to touch the victim, and that the touching was either likely to cause harm or was done without consent. As such, the slightest touching, if non-consensual, can be an assault and battery. For a full list of assault and battery offenses, see the Massachusetts Legislature’s website.

If convicted of a first offense assault and battery, you can face up to five years in a state prison or up to two and one half years in a house of corrections. You may also face fines, courts costs, victim witness fees, and probation costs. Often times when a plea is taken, the defendant is subject to a batterers program, probation, and drug and alcohol counseling. Assault and battery offenses are often cause of restraining orders or stay away orders that can prohibit the defendant from seeing their family members and children. If the restraining order was filed by a person who resides with the defendant, the defendant can be ordered to vacate their current apartment or home.

Because of these serious consequences, anyone who is charged with assault and battery should call Kelly & Soto Law and learn how our aggressive and successful attorneys will explore every avenue possible to get their charges dismissed or procure a “not guilty” verdict from a jury of their peers.

Am I Going to Go to Jail?

Just because you are charged with assault and battery does not mean you will be convicted. Throughout our experience as criminal defense attorneys, assault and battery cases are riddled with facts and circumstances that suggest the accused is innocent. Many times during a heated argument, a spouse will call the police on their husband or wife claiming that he or she was physically abusive. These incidents are often alcohol or drug related, caused by stressful financial situations, or accusations of infidelity. And often times, the person calling the police is the initial aggressor.

At Kelly & Soto Law, you can rest assured that our team of skilled assault and battery lawyers will examine every piece of evidence the Commonwealth has procured to prosecute your assault and battery charge. We will conduct a thorough investigation to help dismiss your charges or prove to a jury that you are NOT GUILTY of assault and battery.

Remember, an assault and battery charge can affect your life for years to come. So call Kelly & Soto Law for an aggressive team of assault and battery litigators. Si usted habla español, podemos proporcionar un intérprete para su consulta gratuita! Sólo tiene que enviarnos un correo electrónico y le responderemos en 24 horas!