Arraignment Lawyers in Boston

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Boston Arraignment Lawyer

The arraignment is one of the first steps in the criminal justice process. It is here where the defendant pleads guilty or not guilty or in the alternative, is able to negotiate a disposition with the District Attorney.

Following a person’s arrest or the issuance of a summons, District or Municipal court having jurisdiction over the matter will schedule an arraignment. If the individual was arrested, the arraignment is typically scheduled for the following morning with the exceptions of holidays and weekends. If a summons is issued, the arraignment may not occur for several weeks down the road.

Why Do I Need an Attorney for an Arraignment?

Generally speaking, the arraignment is the first time the police report surfaces, which alleges the facts and circumstances upon which probable cause was established. A defendant seeking to establish a legal defense should have a knowledgeable attorney that can identify legal issues in the police report. Many times, an attorney can negotiate a favorable disposition at the arraignment and in certain circumstances get your charges dismissed. Favorable dispositions that can be achieved at arraignment include:

  • Pretrial Probation
  • Continuance Without a Finding
  • Dismissal of Charges with Court Costs
  • Dismissal of Charges with no Costs

Furthermore, being represented by an attorney at your arraignment will guarantee that certain discovery is requested and will benefit your position through all aspects of your criminal matter.

What Happens If I Decide to Represent Myself?

Everyone has the right to waive representation. However, going forward as a pro se defendant (one who represents his or her self) will never have its advantages in a court of law. That is why it is no surprise that even attorneys DO NOT represent themselves in court. Having an attorney represent you allows for an objective view of the facts and circumstances surrounding your criminal matter. It is therefore essential that you hire an attorney as early in the process as possible.

So if you have been arrested and have an upcoming arraignment, call Kelly & Soto Law and request that one of their criminal defense attorneys represent you at your court appearance. Our attorneys are available 24/7 and will gladly discuss your criminal matter and the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. Call us at 617-807-0840, today!