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Somerville is a city located just outside of Boston and borders Cambridge. It is considered the most densely populated municipality in New England and is connected to other cities in the area through the Red Line’s various subway stops.


Until the 1990s, Somerville was known for its blue-collar residents and its reputation for crime. This was due to the high car theft rate and the Winter Hill Gang. However, after the gentrification period of the 1990s, and an influx of artists and students to the area, the city has gained a reputation for its active arts community and effective government. Recently, there has been a push to preserve Somerville’s “small town” neighborhood environments by supporting local business, public transit, and gardens.

Somerville has a number of “small town” neighborhoods that serve as centers for business and entertainment. These include Assembly Square, Ball Square, Davis Square, East Somerville, Powder House Square, Union Square, and Winter Hill for example.

Due to Somerville’s close proximity to various institutions of higher education, the city has a constant influx of college students and young professionals, who reside in these neighborhoods. Additionally, an influx of blue-collar immigrants adds to the diversity of the citizenry.

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  • Neck Injuries;
  • Brain Injuries;
  • Lacerations or Scarring; and
  • Other types of injuries not mentioned.

The personal injury lawyers at Kelly & Soto Law are here to assist you. We will not stop until we believe you are fully compensated for your losses. Our clients come first and we work extremely hard to maintain this motto. We will make sure that the insurance company involved in your claim treats you fairly and respectfully. We will always put your needs first in our negotiations and fight for an outcome that benefits you.

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