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Medford is located approximately five miles northwest of Boston and is home to Tufts University. In addition to its growing population of students, Medford is also attractive to families. The city provides new elementary and middle schools, affordable housing, new parks, recreational areas, and green space.


The MBTA has planned to bring the Green Line through the city of Medford. This addition will end up serving a huge part of the community and will assist students in traveling throughout the metropolitan area. The Green Line would add to the numerous bus lines as well as the Orange Line and the Lowell Commuter Rail that already serve the community.

Medford's Interesting History

The city is home to a historic African American neighborhood in West Medford that dates to the Civil War. Medford was a stop on the Underground Railroad and brought many African Americans up North and into the area. After World War II, migration from the South became even more apparent.

Like many Massachusetts cities in and around Boston, Medford has its share of historic sites, monuments, and the like. General George Washington visited during the Revolutionary War and Paul Revere came through Medford warning the residents that β€œthe British are coming!”

Interestingly, some very infamous crimes have taken place in Medford. One of the most legendary occurred when police officers pulled off one of the biggest robberies in the world. Over Memorial Day weekend in 1980, officers from the Medford Police and the Metropolitan District Commission robbed the Depositors Trust Bank. The officers were able to pry open more than 1,000 safe-deposit boxes. It is estimated that they made off with over $15 million dollars worth of cash, jewelry, and other valuables. Today, the building has become an Italian restaurant where patrons can experience a part of that history through the remaining bank vault and newspaper clippings.

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