Suffolk County, Massachusetts

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Suffolk County is one of the most, if not the most, densely populated areas of Massachusetts. With approximately 744,000 residents, it is home to the state’s capital Boston and many surrounding cities and boroughs. Suffolk County consists of Boston, including Dorchester, Roxbury, Roslindale, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, South Boston, East Boston, Charlestown, Brighton, Allston, and Mattapan. Suffolk County also serves Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea.

The area of Suffolk County is primarily urban, made up of all types of demographics and is wonderfully diverse and submerged in culture. It is home to the Suffolk County Superior Court, Chelsea District Court, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, and the Boston Municipal Court Department.

Hire a Suffolk County District Court/Boston Municipal Court Attorney

The court system in Suffolk County hears thousands of criminal cases every year, ranging from small misdemeanors to serious felonies. The amount of criminal cases in Suffolk County is in abundance, which means there is an overflow of cases, a shortage of personnel to deal with these, and sometimes District Attorneys are willing to either dismiss charges, or offer favorable plea bargains.

When you sign up with Kelly & Soto Law, you will get a team of attorneys that will use the forgoing information to help get charges dismissed in minor offense while aggressively investigating you case to prepare for trial if needed. When it comes to serious criminal charges, rest assured that you will be zealously represented and aggressively advocated. We have experience in every court in Suffolk County and are regularly able to procure beneficial results for our clients. Whether it be a simple assault charge to a criminal charge of unlawful firearm possession, Kelly & Soto Law will fight for your rights and use every avenue possible to build your criminal defense.

If you have been charged with a crime in Suffolk County, call Kelly & Soto Law for a consultation of your matter. We will explain every option you may have and advise you accordingly of the best possible outcome.

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