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Cape Ann is one of Massachusetts’ most breathtaking areas. Located forty minutes north of Boston, Cape Ann is made up of the ocean towns of Gloucester, Magnolia, Rockport, Essex, Manchester by-the-Sea, and parts of Beverly. Regarded as “the” fishing industry of Massachusetts, Cape Ann is home to a diverse community, full of life, culture, artists, and a strong working class.

Cape Ann although just a smaller geographical piece of Massachusetts, is home to a large population of residence, and as such, the potential is high for an unfortunate series of events, to turn into a criminal charge.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the towns or cities of Gloucester, Magnolia, Essex, Manchester, Rockport, or Beverly, please call Kelly & Soto Law for a free consultation on your matter. As a former resident of several Cape Ann towns, Attorney Soto is familiar with the area and its people. Attorney Soto would be pleased to discuss any criminal matter or personal injury matter you may be facing in your Cape Ann town.

As a small locality Cape Ann has but one District Court that handles all of its civil and criminal matters that are not yet in, or will not be heard in a Superior Court. This court is located is the fishing town of Gloucester, between Main Street and Rogers Street. This court is also home to the Gloucester Police Department. The address of the court is 197 Main Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930.

Many of the incidents that result in criminal charges in Cape Ann, include but are not limited to: drug possession, operating under the influence, motor vehicle violations, assault and battery, disorderly conduct, and larceny. Furthermore, because Cape Ann embraces one of the liveliest boating communities, many criminal charges extend to negligent operation of vessels and watercrafts, larceny of boats, and operating water crafts and vessels under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Because of the high risk of injury and loss resulting from criminal behavior relative to boating enthusiasts, as well as the need to regulate the fishing industry, there are many law enforcement agencies patrolling the area of Cape Ann. These agencies include the Gloucester, Manchester, Rockport, and Beverly police departments, the Harbor Master of each town, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Massachusetts State Police, and the United States Coast Guard, which has its station situated in downtown Gloucester.

So if you have been arrested or issued a summons to appear for a criminal matter in Cape Ann, or have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, so Kelly & Soto Law to consult with an experienced criminal or personal injury attorney.

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