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Framingham is the largest town in Massachusetts and a center for business. It is located 20 miles outside of Boston in Middlesex County. It is a diverse community with nearly 67,000 residents. It offers a unique blend of landscapes and neighborhoods for students, families and businesses.


Framingham is a bustling town filled with retail and office complexes. For many, it is an area to travel to for work and lots of shopping. There are three major business districts that serve to define Framingham: The “Golden Triangle,” Downtown Framingham and West Framingham.

The “Golden Triangle” is one of the largest shopping areas in New England and expands into next-door Natick. It was formed with the construction of Shoppers World, which is a large open-air mall with stores such as Marshalls, Walmart, Kohls, AMC Theater, Lowe’s, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. There are also large office complexes in the area where several companies are headquartered. These include TJX and Breyers for example.

Downtown Framingham is home to Framingham’s town hall, the public library, and the MBTA Commuter Rail. It was quite the commercial center when it housed Dennison Manufacturing and General Motors Framingham Assembly plant. However, these facilities closed in the late 1980s and the area had a financial downturn. Eventually, retail shops, restaurants, the library, town offices and more added to the area and helped to rebuild it. An influx of Hispanic and Brazilian, Asian and Indian stores and restaurants also added to the ethnic diversity of the area.

West Framingham is the business section of the town that runs along Route 9. Framingham Industrial Park and Framingham Technology Park are the two large office areas. Big companies such as Staples, Bose, and Cumberland Farms have their world headquarters in these areas. There are also major facilities for a list of large companies located in this area, as well as two large auto dealerships. The majority of multi-family complexes are also located in this area.

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The Framingham car accident lawyers at Kelly & Soto Law are familiar with the area of personal injury and are prepared to help you with any type of accident or injury you have suffered.

We know that Framingham is a busy area filled with businesses, commuters, students, and shoppers. All of these people, and a heavily traveled Route 9, can mean an increase in car accidents. If you, or someone you know, have been in a car accident in Framingham, it is important you get in contact with a lawyer you can trust to do a terrific job on. Our team makes it our business to put everything we have into each and every one of our claims.

A car accident can wreak havoc on physical and mental capabilities, families, and jobs. We understand how difficult they can be. Because we are aware of the negative consequences, we do our best to recover maximum compensation for each claim in our office. Our Framingham accident team has developed a reputation as a firm that does not back down and insurance companies know it.

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