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Kelly & Associates is a Boston-based personal injury law firm that represents victims of someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct. Our clients are people from Brighton and its surrounding neighborhoods who are recovering from devastating injuries and families grieving a tragic loss. Our mission is to help those clients obtain the compensation they need to heal and put their lives back on track. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a skilled, compassionate personal injury attorney.

Who We Are

Kelly & Associates is a team of Boston locals. We know and love Boston’s neighborhoods because we grew up here. We understand what it’s like for a student, young professional, or family living in a vibrant, exciting place like Brighton and to have life upended by a senseless accident or injury. With its proximity to the universities, medical centers, and biotech industry, Brighton is home base for some of Boston’s most engaged young people and professionals with high hopes for the future.

Our founder, Attorney Michael D. Kelly, can empathize. He was an honors student and member of the law review at New England Law School here in Boston. The National Trial Lawyers Association has ranked him as one of the top 40 lawyers under 40 in the state. He has built his law firm in the North End by focusing on a core mission of helping Bostonians put their lives back on track after a life-altering injury or tragic loss.

Attorney Kelly differs from many of his peers in how he offers client-centered legal services. Unlike many lawyers from larger firms, he meets with every client one-on-one in his office, at their homes, or even at the hospital. He takes calls day and night. He offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on his services to show his dedication to earning his clients’ confidence.

What We Do

At Kelly & Associates Injury Lawyers, clients come through our doors after having sustained with all kinds of personal injuries or losses because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. The injuries and tragedies we can help Brighton residents contend with include:

  • Wrongful death
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Nerve damage
  • Sternum fractures
  • Traumatic amputation and crush injuries
  • Burns, scars, and disfigurement
  • Broken bones and orthopedic injuries
  • Back and neck injuries, including soft tissue damage
  • Food-borne illnesses and disease
  • Puncture and bite wounds

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Injuries like these have varying causes, but often result from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. As anyone who has contended with the Washington Street/Market Street/Chestnut Hill Ave. Intersection knows traffic can be a mess in Brighton. Car accidents happen all over the neighborhood. At Kelly & Associates, we handle motor vehicle accident matters involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Brighton and its sister neighborhood, Allston, have a notorious reputation for tragic hit-and-run accidents involving joggers or pedestrians. Kelly & Associates helps victims of those accidents repair their lives.
  • Bicycle accidents. Brighton and Allston also have the unfortunate distinction of being home to the city’s highest rates of collisions between motorists and cyclists. Turning into the path of a bicycle or “dooring” a rider with a car door can cause terrible injuries or even fatalities. Kelly & Associates is ready to help the victims.
  • Boating accidents. Whether you’re rowing on the Charles or sailing in Boston Harbor, accidents on the water can cause devastation. We help victims boating/jet ski collisions and the families of those lost to accidental drowning.
  • Public transportation accidents. Brighton dwellers ride the Green line and MBTA buses to get everywhere around town. It’s no small task to recover compensation from a city agency when an accident on public transport leaves victims injured or grieving, but Kelly & Associates is up to it.
  • Construction accidents. Construction workers put their lives on the line every day on dangerous road and building projects. Then an accident happens, Kelly & Associates is ready to help injured workers and their families.
  • Unsafe property accidents. Brighton businesses and property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises safe. When they don’t, Kelly & Associates can help victims of “slip-and-fall” injuries recover compensation.
  • Dog attacks. Dog owners should keep their neighbors safe from dangerous pets. Kelly & Associates knows how to obtain compensation when a dog attacks and bites someone.
  • Defective products. Manufacturers of products and equipment Brighton residents use every day at home and at work have a duty to ensure those products are safe for intended use. When a defective product harms a Brighton resident, Massachusetts law gives victims and their families the right to recover damages.


We deal with a range of injury cases and our team will help you fight for justice and maximum compensation if an act of negligence left you injured.

Our Approach and Results

Kelly & Associates makes personalized client service its top priority. We know the primary importance of learning about our clients’ lives and the impact an injury or loss has had. It’s only by taking the time to connect with our clients that we can truly understand what they need the most from our services to move forward with their lives.

We have the talent and experience to achieve positive results for our injury clients. What’s more, we have the compassion and empathy to make sure the outcomes we achieve meet our clients’ specific needs and circumstances. Because of our diligent, client-centered approach, we work to resolve many of the matters we handle through settlement negotiations with an insurance company or opposing attorney.  When that’s not possible, however, in appropriate cases, we gladly take our clients’ claims to Boston judges and juries to decide.

We have achieved significant results for many of our clients, including:

  • $145,000 for a client injured in a pedestrian accident;
  • $100,000 for a client injured in a head-on collision;
  • $70,000 for a woman struck by a vehicle while crossing the street.

Because we understand that clients often come to us struggling financially, we aim to make our services affordable. An initial consultation with Attorney Kelly is always free for potential clients, and in many representations, we have agreed to represent clients on a “contingent fee” basis in which we do not get paid unless and until our clients recover compensation.

Client-Centered Personal Injury Representation in Brighton

If someone else’s negligence or wrongful conduct has injured you or caused a tragic loss, you may be entitled to compensation. It may be important to act quickly to protect your rights. Contact the skilled Brighton personal injury lawyers at Kelly & Associates to schedule a free consultation today.



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