School Bus Accident Attorney in Boston

School Bus Accident Attorney in Boston

Boston School Bus Accident Attorney

Putting your child on the school bus is still considered the safest way to get a child to school, however, accidents do happen. On average, 17,000 children are injured in school bus related accidents each year. School bus accidents are not limited to the bus crashing, but may also include slip and falls on the bus, or injury when boarding and exiting the bus. If you or a loved one have been involved in one of these accidents, call a school bus accident attorney at Kelly & Soto Law today.

These accidents can be very complicated. There may be multiple victims and there can be many contributing factors:

  • School buses do not have to have seat belts
  • Some bus stops are poorly designed
  • Some are owned privately others publicly

Many different people and entities can be held responsible. A few examples include:

  • School bus driver
  • School district
  • Private school, church, or other organization that owned and operated the bus
  • Private company contracted to provide transportation for the school
  • Third party who had repaired and maintained the bus
  • School bus manufacturer
  • Driver of another vehicle
  • Government entity responsible for roadway design, construction, and maintenance

The bus company itself may also be held liable as they have a duty to ensure that their drivers are properly trained and rested, as well as the obligation to properly maintain their vehicles. Failure to do either can constitute negligence, which they can be held responsible for.

The possibility of multiple victims and a multitude of potential responsible parties make navigating these claims tricky. Injured parties will need an experienced and hard-working attorneys. At Kelly & Soto Law, we aim to investigate every aspect of the case and give our clients the best opportunity to recover. Our injury lawyers will work diligently to document what had happened and explore all possible persons and entities that should and can be held liable.

If you, or someone you love, have suffered an injury from a school bus accident, a school bus lawyer at Kelly & Soto Law can help you. We understand how scary an accident like this can be. We hope to keep any additional stress low by providing excellent legal representation, thorough investigation, and continued updates on our clients’ cases. For a free consultation and realistic evaluation of your claim, call the Boston Lawyers at Kelly & Soto Law today at 1.800.LAW.GUYS or fill out the free consultation form to have one of our attorneys contact you!

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