Boating Accidents

Boating Accident Lawyer Boston

Boating Accident Lawyer Boston

The United States Coast Guard analyzes boating accidents each year. They reported that recreational boating accidents are most likely to occur because of careless or reckless operation. Much like car accidents, boat operators can be inattentive, inexperienced, may speed, and may operate under the influence. Accidents can happen when a boat hits an object or another boat, when it floods, when someone goes overboard, or has a misstep while water skiing, tubing, or boarding. If you have been injured recently in a boating accident call a boating accident lawyer at Kelly & Soto Law and let us help you.

The consequences of boating accidents can be very serious as the accidents may result in death. The United States Coast Guard released the most recent accident, injury, and death tolls concluding that Massachusetts reported 83 boating accidents in 2013 and 12 were fatal. Across the country, 85 people died in boating accidents in June alone while July saw 920 total accidents. The Coast Guard found that the most likely cause of these accidents was operator inattention and that most deaths occurred because of alcohol use.

Where to Start

Lobster fishing, sailing, and other recreational and commercial boating is a way of life in Boston and neighboring New England towns. With this comes the possibility of accidents. If you, or a loved one, was involved in an accident on the water, you will need competent legal advice. Our boating accident lawyers are familiar with the area of law and can recover the compensation you deserve.

Boating accidents often result in lawsuits involving complex legal issues and overlapping law. To start, a Boating Accident Report (BAR) must be filled out if the accident results in serious injury or property damage, death, or disappearance. The United States Coast Guard mandates this reporting and the form can be found at:

Filling out the form is a task within itself. In addition, these cases involve questions concerning state and federal law, as well as many intertwined legal issues. Some include:

  • Federal admiralty law
  • State admiralty law
  • Issues of negligence
  • Workers issues under the Jones Act
  • Accidents involving workers and fisherman
  • Accidents involving those who have signed waivers (Cruise Ships, Tours, Whale Watches)
  • Swimmers
  • Recreational Boat Passengers
  • Children or Young Adults at Summer Camps
  • Much more

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Boating accidents are obviously very complex. When the above issues intertwine, there is a need for a boating accident attorney. The lawyers at Kelly & Soto Law know how to navigate these legal waters and are here to answer any of your questions. If you have been injured in a boating accident and are curious whether you have a successful claim, contact us today. Our lawyers can walk you through the claim process and advise you as to the possible success of your case.

We would be happy to sit down and talk to you about potential case value when conducting our free consultation. If you need a boating accident attorney, do not hesitate to contact Kelly & Soto Law at 1-800-LAW-GUYS or fill out the contact us form.